[Video] Apple screwed this up… – iPad Pro 2020 Review

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  1. One thing stops the iPad Pro from being the one device you need: external displays. To get any real work done, most people need a second screen. From what I've managed to glean, some apps have features that use a second screen, but that's not what we need. Obviously, when we're on the go, we can make do with that one screen (though there are a lot of great portable display options out there, now), but when we come home, or get to the office, wouldn't it be great to just pop the iPad into a dock, and have it automatically connect to a couple of displays, keyboard, mouse, and external storage, just like a laptop would? Wouldn't it be good if you could have a different app on each screen? I mean, window management seems a bit antithetical to the iPad, but why shouldn't we be able to put apps up full-screen, or split-screen on connected displays?

    I just think, until you get OS-wide general purpose multi-screen support, the iPad can't replace a laptop in the every-day carry. Until they manage that, I'll be looking at the base model iPad to supplement a laptop, not a Pro to replace one.

  2. Linus I love all of your vids.. Except most of your Apple related ones. You are often one sided in the way you look at the products but there are many people who would take advantage of the UltraWide lens such as me a Criminal Justice Major in College when I need to take photos of crime scenes and then take advantage of the Apple Pencil to break them down and jot notes over top of them. There are more people out there that could take advantage of all of the features of the 2020 iPad but I do agree that it is not much of a step up from the 2018 that I currently use. Still love the channel keep it up!

  3. (I’m Geoff) 😬 I use an IPad Pro with sidecar on my MacBook to act as a second wireless monitor. I’m a Photographer, I use Capture one to tether my camera in commercial shoots this enables my client to move away from right over my shoulder poking at my laptop screen to somewhere else in the room, it also lets me use remote commands to adjust settings and fire the camera whilst adjusting something in set I can even get live view on the screen to check I’m in the correct position, which is also really useful for a stylist to have (and they often do) especially with flat lays or large room sets they can tweak prop positions and know what change they’ve made before having to fire a test shot and walk back to the laptop screen to check the result. Its way more efficient. Edit its also really good for an assistant to take down retouching notes in Evernote or record lighting diagrams and base settings, taking photos and annotating them quickly so things aren’t forgotten in post.

  4. Microsoft did get it right. The battery life was meh tho. I’d much rather have an iPad Pro with some desktop features than a laptop with some iPad features.

  5. These new mouse/trackpad/keyboard features are IMO because Apple will be making the Macbook Air mmodels with Bionic chips in the future instead of Intel chips and the Macbook / Macbook Pro models will likely feature Ryzen 3000 or 4000 chips.

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