[Video] Building a 100TB Folding@Home Server!

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[Video] Building a 100TB Folding@Home Server! 1
[Video] Building a 100TB Folding@Home Server! 2
[Video] Building a 100TB Folding@Home Server! 3
[Video] Building a 100TB Folding@Home Server! 4
[Video] Building a 100TB Folding@Home Server! 5

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  1. Hello comment section, so I have some questions, and bare with me here, because I am not an expert on this; so I bought two 4 gb ram sticks for my refurbished alienware aurora (1st gen I think)
    So, in the process of doing this, I took a look inside my computer to figure out if I had enough space, and I thought I did, there is two types of ports, two with back grips, and two with white grips, I tried moving my ram into two black ports, when originally they were in the two white ports. And apparently the white ports are the only ones that work, because my computer started making a beeping sound once I tried putting the ram in the black ports. I'm not exactly sure what is going on here. Because of this I really will only have enough room for 12 gb ram. Anything I can do to change this?

  2. A lot of benchmarks show that zfs compression should be enabled in 90% of the cases. The cpu overhead is minimal and the disk speeds are higher with compression

  3. I've been commenting for years on this channel how all this firepower should be used for science instead of just helping people waste time playing games. awesome to see it finally happening 👍👍👍

  4. Linus I assume that's how you are changing the world to be better by advertising Folding@Home project

  5. @Linus… Do you not shave yourself or something that we should be able to tell how long you've been in isolation for by the shadow on your baby face? xD

  6. I hope you all don't have a single static IPv4 address at your office. If so, I hope you don't have any common services exposed to the internet. If so you kinda just posted your public IP to your 10.5 million subs on Youtube.

  7. I got all my co.puters running at full power and I'm talking to my family business to try and make it so all the co.puters are running folding while idle

  8. Yo Linus do you have some kind of halotron system on your server room for turning off fire in case of emergency?

  9. Pretty sure that the collective monitory cost of running all these machines would be more beneficial to the research than the computational capabilities it generates.

  10. Thank you so much for deploying this server, because of your contributions, I have folded 48 proteins and have earned 687,054 points, I don't know what to do with those points tho??

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