[Video] Building our NEW Video Editing Workstation – Start to Finish

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  1. Hey Linus
    I like your videos and I liked you building a minecraft server the most cuz I play and like minecraft
    I also made a 3gb server on my laptop(I don't have a pc) and it lags a little but but with around 2 players not that much
    Can you help me ?

  2. I’ve been paying for YouTube Red (premium, now) for YEARS at this point. Since the beta launched that included Play Music. I won’t move from it because there’s still too many creators I and my family follow. I refuse to go through ANOTHER pay wall to get Floatplane. I’m sure it’s awesome and it’s cheap. But I’m getting very tired of the constant advertising of paywalls. Even though I pay for YouTube I still have to back a person with their Patreon, or support them even further on YouTube, then I may get a few perks when I’ve already been paying. Then there’s floatplane, which adds a potential third or fourth paywall for a creator. They aren’t expecting everyone to use every method of support, I get that, but damn man how many is enough? Why aren’t YouTube premium subscribers recognized?

  3. No hard feelings, but we should close all borders and keep it that way, all as in each country stops allowing people from another country from entering, The W.H.O. seems to be a malignant group to all of us and America pays them much more than China and yet they told us we should continue to allow China to come and go at will and we couldn't catch this bug person to person. China doesn't seem to care what they do to the world unless it's intentional with no repercussions, one bug after another. No country is allowed to make or posses any bio and or chemical warfare weapons and all of the super powers do it anyway, this is a act of war, people died. After all, they did claim they were going to have a Chinese Century, I wonder what they meant by that? There's all sorts of people in various countries that hate America and yet they want to come here as if we don't know what they say and do. I wonder if they put bio and chemical weapons on the items we all buy, we can't trust them ever again. I don't trust Bill Gates or the CDC either. Have you ever heard of Clade X or Event 201? This what should never happen again in this world! They've been scheming, plotting and planning our demise for years with this Plandemic, since Obama 2015 and before. It started off CLADE X, then changed the name to EVENT 201 here is all of them Segments you should all watch at least one video, pay attention to the date of the video and the topic way before it happened. Johns Hopkins, World Economic Forum and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation https://www.youtube.com/user/biosecuritycntr/videos and their site https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/scenario.html
    Then watch this

  4. Hey Linus, I have been seeing that a lot of PC parts are completely out of stock everywhere or getting overpriced. Ex. MSI Gaming Plus Max and RTX Ventus 6gb OC. Should I be worried?

  5. I wish you could make me a gaming pc because mine broke and I don't know why it just turned off stopped running at 7fps even though it had a core i7 and a txt 1060 in very sad I had some really good games but I live in Pennsylvania and you love in Canada

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