[Video] Building the Xbox Series X Rip-off PC

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[Video] Building the Xbox Series X Rip-off PC 1
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  1. Is everyone going to ignore the fact that he says " en – zed – ex – tee" instead of "en – zee – ex – tee"?

  2. I think you always make it look hard Linus. I've had two builds (lifetime total) that I just stuck together and then they worked. Only time they didn't post on the first try was because I forgot to turn on the PSU.

    But half the fun of build videos is seeing the troubleshooting when things go wrong.

  3. To be fair, I have never built a desktop before and I am looking at this one as my perfect case. Easy, SFF, and good looking. As a young adult and student, I dont have much space to be building a full size ATX so this one for me, is actually a perfect case that seems really easy to build on. 😛

  4. Microsoft : Uses amd on official build.
    Intel : Please use this on an unofficial build.. we request you now….

    How the tables have turned.

  5. This honestly looks harder than building a normal computer. You might be making it look hard. Also note I've built two computers and taken apart and repaired over a hundred.

  6. How is this a series x comparison or even close. It's a gaming PC in the end period. Just looks similar to the Xbox. Well not really.

  7. >"Building the Xbox Series X Rip-off PC"
    >Building a CPU that's 3/4th the price the Series X will likely be priced at.

    Linus mate, the goal of a making a console killer is to make something that kills it while being either cheaper or the same price >.>

  8. I've never built a PC before, I have always wanted to but have been turned off by cost of components and complexity. However, this looks relatively easy, I could probably watch this video and figure this out (with these exact components)

  9. I was actually half expecting Blue Apron to have also sponsored the video, and just waiting for a really trashy segway right before the intro.

  10. Not a newbie here, but… By the struggling face you made the entire video, I really couldn't think it was THAT easy to build, as you said… But, if you say it is, I guess we belive you.

  11. NOVICE GAMER HERE. Laptop gamer looking to build my first PC. Having this streamlined setup makes jumping into my first build a LITTLE less scary. Couple things that still scare me are the short cables from the power supply because what happens if I get a motherboard at the cables are too short? Also sizing things like the RAM being too tall are pretty scary. Honestly if I was serious about building into one of these I'd do an exact copy of either this build or another build on YouTube and just follow it step by step.

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