[Video] How bad is a $95 3D Printer??

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[Video] How bad is a $95 3D Printer?? 1
[Video] How bad is a $95 3D Printer?? 2
[Video] How bad is a $95 3D Printer?? 3
[Video] How bad is a $95 3D Printer?? 4
[Video] How bad is a $95 3D Printer?? 5

36 Comments on “[Video] How bad is a $95 3D Printer??”

  1. Linus: speaking of swinging
    Me: oh God don't do it
    Linus: I'm swinging into the sponsor Segway!
    Me: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  2. welcome to turkey, where 95 bucks literally hurt your wallet.
    i love my country but you know, the economy

  3. Good introduction to simple ,cheap ABS 3D printer .Today minimum standard of 3D printer has 3 basic functions : welding ,laser cut ,metal/plastic forming. The price keep on dropping to below 1 k. I had seen a video in China in 2018, they started to use professional industrial 3D printer to teach primary-4 pupil in government school as an early exposure to 3D printer and the whole class using Note Pad PC to eliminate books for all subjects .

  4. Why not try the same blue filament used in the Ultimaker on the cheap printer too, so you're not introducing an extra variable?

  5. Don't bother with the MP Select Mini. Total piece of trash, and after a year of intermittently printing due to dodgy OEM parts, it died horrifically (PLA oozing out of heatbreak, fans dead, board fired). The Ender 3 is the best $200 printer you can buy, by far.

  6. Anyone got a link to an STL for the LTT logo printed in the video? I can only find a fan grill version

  7. Can we cut back on the Chinese product features? A part of every dollar spent on these products goes to the Chinese Communist Party government, who becomes more and more of an enemy of the west every day.

  8. LTT trying to branch out… not really convinced they are an authoritative source on this subject. As many comments said a complete novice at 3D printing could have told you this thing is to a real 3D printer as an “Easy Bake Oven” is to a Viking range. Bring up the Ultimarker is just not appropriate for comparison. Perhaps a sub 500$ self assembly job or your basic boot strap entry level printer. You wouldn’t compare a Maker Bot to a Fortus would you? Try using something to show that the rungs at the bottom of the 3D printed ladder are a lot closer together. I am not saying stay in your lane, I am saying prove you know what your talking about before you start making recommendations.

  9. Meanwhile, Elegoo Mars makes virtually flawless prints at <$240, putting multi thousand dollar FDM printers to shame. I would say that's well worth the extra little bit of money.

  10. Lol, I've seen 68€ printers 2 years ago.
    Those are garbage, that requires skill to make them work.
    And parts for about twice the price of the printer.

  11. I actually bought my anet A8 for 98$ (on sale) and I had 18 printing days before I started upgrading it, it works great!

  12. Since here in Brazil sub 100 imports are tax free and 100+ have 60% taxation… Yeah… A U$ 99 machine costs U$99 and a U$ 101 machine costs U$ 161…

    So this price point makes sense in some places due import taxes, for example…

  13. >That unity from Escape from Tarkov
    ok so my slicer program should have horrible memory leak problems and awful economy bots?

  14. Got an Ender 3 directly behind me. It is a beast for its price.

    I havent used that printer, but the Ender 3 is probably your best bet for an entry level printer, unless you are on a really tight budget.

  15. I just realized you don't know how to use the vernier caliper. Also i think some slicers have an option to move the nozzle away to let the part cool before continuing the print.

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