[Video] How we're editing videos on low-spec computers… FROM HOME! #stayhome #withme

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39 Comments on “[Video] How we're editing videos on low-spec computers… FROM HOME! #stayhome #withme”

  1. I'm very impressed! I have to work on a remote computer using Citirix and it's really bad. Hope more competition will improve our workflow.

  2. The Chin Follicle progress bar on Linus gives us a good indicator of how long the lock down has been going on.

  3. Wow this changes everything about my plans to buy a gaming laptop. Great video. Will look into this further

  4. I use paraec everyday for gaming, I use the main PC of an company we have here on Brazil but sadly for obvious reasons I can only play when no one is at the company ._.

  5. But yet i can’t even join a zoom meeting for school because my internet is so bad. My speed test was 2.38mbs download and 0.24mbs upload with 130ms ping. I live about 10 miles from town and the only thing that’s available is at&t uverse. Satellite internet and cellular hotspot are way out of my price range. And the only cellular that works is at&t. Verizon, sprint, and t mobile doesn’t get service here what so ever. Live in Montana USA.

  6. Yes, those workstations in the office are desktops and not mobile laptops.
    That doesn't mean the editors can't just bring those workstations to their homes.
    Lockdown doesn't mean you can't even leave the house for a few minutes like if you would die the second your feet are touching the outside ground. Just stay away from people, don't touch everything you see, get the computers, and go back home.

  7. Welp more sponsors I know how to solve this problems Ill fast forward 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😆😆

  8. I use parsec to game stream from my wintendo to my Linux pc. I get sub 10ms latency and over 100fps at 1080p over my gigabit Ethernet. Parsec is the shiz. I have parsec set to run at startup on the wintendo so reboot is not a problem. If I reboot I just need to wait a bit and then parsec back in. Not sure what your issue is with that.

  9. If i don't have a NVIDIA GPU then yeah Parsec seems a way to go, for picture quality however i prefer Moonlight as it outperforms Parsec easy. While it is not meant to do work over Moonlight as it is build for gaming that does not mean you can't it's more work to setup but worth the result. As for security with all tools that where build with LAN in mind and internet use as a afterthought, if you really want to make it more secure you can use VPN or other tunneling products.

  10. For those with slower internet speeds. Check out Cradlepoint. Has really helped me work from home and connect to my desktop at work.

  11. thank you Linus – we had been looking for decent solution like this for years !! signing up to Teams right now

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