[Video] Huawei P40 Pro – What it's REALLY like…

My 2-week review of the Huawei P40 Pro Smartphone! I’ve tested the camera, battery, software and…

24 Comments on “[Video] Huawei P40 Pro – What it's REALLY like…”

  1. I'm due for an upgrade soon I could use some help deciding between the Samsung galaxy s20 ultra and the huawei p40 pro what do you think I should go for?

  2. can we get a battery consumption comparison with play store apps and Huawei apps? are they better/faster/lighter anything?

  3. Idc what people say once a you tuber is sponsored by the product their reviewing, credibility is gone.

  4. Is there a way to use
    Google docs
    Google sheets
    Google drive
    In p40 pro??

  5. If you deal with Huawei you're supporting the imprisonment of millions of innocent Uyghur Muslims in China. They've been imprisoned to adjust their thinking… Communism!

  6. OmG I am seeing you almost after 8-9 months time and I see here is not the old good looking Arun u become very very different and good like b4 😭 sad but why !! Why!! 🙈

  7. Would love to see Huawei succeed without Google. I love Android, and I want this phone, so if I can get all my favorite apps without relying on Google services, let me have it. I honestly don't believe Huawei is as big as a threat as the US portray them to be, Facebook is a bigger threat than them in my opinion

  8. Why is there no way to hack Google Play on there by fooling Google Play into thinking that it's on something else?

  9. Yup support thier hidden intentions too. Huawei is vital tools for CCP to accomplished thier selfish agendas. We should aware of that.

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