[Video] I FINALLY Upgraded My Streaming Setup!

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[Video] I FINALLY Upgraded My Streaming Setup! 1
[Video] I FINALLY Upgraded My Streaming Setup! 2
[Video] I FINALLY Upgraded My Streaming Setup! 3
[Video] I FINALLY Upgraded My Streaming Setup! 4
[Video] I FINALLY Upgraded My Streaming Setup! 5

43 Comments on “[Video] I FINALLY Upgraded My Streaming Setup!”

  1. Surely, you had a phone with a good enough camera for this.

    …well, maybe not 4k. Yeah, I guess a camera is best.

  2. gonna be real, i thought the webcam looked better and there's also a lot less hassle attached to getting it setup. Granted the difference on a stream is pretty small.
    Rode makes some insane dynamic mics. Cool that you went with them

  3. Big difference between the mics for me was the sibilance of the mod-mic – the Rode didn't have it even without the pop filter. Personally I use a AV,io coupled with a Decimator MD-HX for the streaming part – you can definitely throw a 1080p60 at that with no issues. You also seemed to have a little latency in your audio which will happen if you have a separate audio feed from you HDMI, which can be up to 20 frames behind. There are audio delayers out there to help with that as well (even your cough Behringer does one). If you're going to use a DSLR you may wish to think about your aperture settings as well – f5.6 is quite a tight focus if you're on manual. And turn your auto ISO off as well! Live streaming is real seat-of-your-pants stuff, you can get it all right and there are still things out there beyond your control!

  4. The biggest problem with that streaming setup is still the audio. I like the ninja change to the goxlr interface – at least it's better than the pocket change budget behringer um2 (maybe cut the behringer part of the video if you're not even going to use it?), but that doesn't fix the room acoustics. Even a good mic sounds bad in a bad room. The modmic being less sensitive low key sounds better in that room. On that note, damn is that mic also sibilant, to the point of being bothersome. All in all the audio upgrade was less than successful.

    The lights make a heck of a difference though. If you're looking to upgrade that on a budget, there are a lot of good cheap led light panels available that achieve the same effect for a fraction of the cost, you're just going to have to fiddle with the lights if you want to adjust their settings rather than fiddle with software.

  5. Linus, lower the camera so it's not only your head in the picture when you stream, as seeing a bit of your upper body makes for a better appearance.

    You kinda look like a 12 y/o when your head is in the lower middle of the picture. xD

  6. Big improvements, but a few tweaks could help a lot. Changing the light position would help it look more dynamic and flattering, leave one where it is and move the other to a back/edge light on the opposite side with a cool saturated color, plus dim the room light or leave it off. Also, some sort of room treatment for the audio whether it's random fabric or actual foams for that purpose.

  7. try not to throw the lights in the same direction as the camera and you will get a way more interesting image…..

  8. So, the hammer is for smashing everything if the setup doesn't work. Seems like Linus has more in common with Jeremy Clarkson (Fifth Gear, Top Gear, The Grand Tour, you ignorants 😋) than I thought (a bit nerdy, egocentric, if it doesn't work, get more poweeeer! etc.). 😉

  9. Small tips Linus:

    Lose the five year old Canon, and get a five year old Panasonic. A GX85 or G85 will do a much better job than this and is designed for video recording to an external HDMI monitor.

    A Sony A7 series would also be a good choice for the same reason.

    Finally, can you hang some soft furnishings behind you to scatter the sound? Most streamers have a lot of random stuff behind them like furniture that breaks up the reflections, but lacking that – hang curtains on the walls and doors to improve audio quality further.

  10. S/O to Yvonne for being awesome and helping her husband! I know it's really hard sometimes, like filming at midnight, but you are not going without being recognized!

  11. While your high tech streaming rig is very nice, there are not too many that can dump a few thousand dollars on all that sweet gear right now due to the situation and availability… how about checking out some more reasonably priced gear to get the best we can without breaking the bank?

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