[Video] iPhone SE 2020 – The Way it Should Be

Before my review of the iPhone SE 2020, here are some early thoughts on the cheapest phone that Apple has put out in years.

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[Video] iPhone SE 2020 - The Way it Should Be 1
[Video] iPhone SE 2020 - The Way it Should Be 2
[Video] iPhone SE 2020 - The Way it Should Be 3
[Video] iPhone SE 2020 - The Way it Should Be 4
[Video] iPhone SE 2020 - The Way it Should Be 5

50 Comments on “[Video] iPhone SE 2020 – The Way it Should Be”

  1. Nah….them bezels are 2014 ugly as hell and will get uglier as time goes on…and its really only the 64gb base model that's cheap. When they release a phone that takes an SD, instead of charging a premium for storage, doesn't have these massive chins, at the 64gb base price then that will be value for money.

  2. There are no 400$ Android phones that will get 5 years of software updates. Hmmmmm…. Now that I think of it there are no 1000 dollar Android phones that will get 5 years of Android updates.

  3. as long as you don't mind the inability to enjoy the processor to its fullest coz of a weak display(as the chipset is amazing and can play most high end graphics at the best quality, and an age old design, this is a crazy deal…

    but in India it costs 45000 rupees (560 USD) compared to the Oneplus 8 42000 rupees (555 USD), is it still a good deal?

  4. Dave awesome video and your absolutely right especially with all that is going on. I think most people are not even thinking about dropping money right now because all the other things going on. Thanks so much for sharing and hope all is well. Deb 😉👍✌

    – Stylish big screen
    – Face id with good selfie camera
    – Good battery than iPhone SE
    – Simple iPhone 8 design
    – Good updated primary camera
    – Latest flagship Chipset of iPhone 11
    – Potrait lighting available
    If you dont care about Sylish display design & face Id then go for Iphone SE for long term software update from Apple

  6. I’m upgrading from an iPhone 4. I’d still be using my iPhone 3G if it hadn’t been stolen.

    Why? Because I want a phone small enough to fit in my pocket, that makes calls and allows me to check my emails and messages. And that’s pretty much it.

    I love the way that we've become conditioned as a society to regard £400/$400 for a phone as "cheap", and that will be "upgraded" (ie made obsolete and disposed of) in just a couple of years. Forty years ago phones were expected to last for DECADES.

  7. I doubt people looking at the 11 Pro or Pro Max will go for the SE.

    It looks like a phone from several years back, has a small screen, large bezels and a single camera. I think people are vain enough to stay away or go with the regular 11. The SE will attract the people that can’t afford a flagship or want a small phone.

  8. The SE line always was the best apple had to offer.
    Companies like Xiaomi still have better hardware than apple but the software support isn't that great.

    Honestly, good job apple for bringing iPhone prices back to where they belong. That 750p screen is still unacceptable tho.

  9. Except for Apple and Samsung high end line up. Not sure if there's high demand for used smartphone, at least not in my country. Because other budget smartphone are so cheap that it's better to buy new

  10. I pledged not to pay Apple a single buck on their overpriced (IMO) phones, but the price of this made me make an exception. iPhone 11 performance for less then half the price – it's a deal.

  11. WOW BUTT UGLY PHONE – Huge bezels & 4.7 screen in 2020 !! Cant believe Apple get away doing this with their SPARE parts but you reviewers seem hypocrites, if Android manufacturers tried putting out a ugly 4.7inch phone we know you guys would Lambaste them to hell & back!! But Sales will soon tell for this high powered TOY phone. As for me Ill wait for Pixel 4A, at least youll be able to see whats on the Screen 😉

  12. How is this changing anything when you can already have a decently priced XIaomi with top specs for years? What about the pocophone f1? I abandoned mainstream phone brands a long time ago because of price creep.

  13. As someone who spends no more than 300 NZD on smart phones, I might finally buy an iPhone now haha

    My Huawei has served me well but I've dropped it one too many times…

    And this is a covid19 recession friendly price

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