[Video] My iPhone SE Review

Dave2D review of the new 2020 iPhone SE. The cheapest phone from Apple right now. I also think it’s the best smartphone under $400 for most people. looking at camera, battery life and screen performance against pixel 3a and iphone 11.

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40 Comments on “[Video] My iPhone SE Review”

  1. Literally MAJORITY of the tech YouTube community has praised the iPhone SE besides Unbox Therapy, that just shows how biased he is for Android and how butthurt he is feeling since Apple for sure didn’t answer his desperate email

  2. I think this was made so that people who aren't very tuned in to smartphones will see it and say "Hey new $400 iPhone, great!" which is fine. But as Dave himself said, the best alternatives to flagships today are the flagships of yesterday. I think that anyone who is into smartphones at more than face value will know that they can get more bang for their buck even at $400.

  3. I'm glad you acknowledge non fisrt world market. I live in Brazil and this iPhone would cost 4 times my current phone, galaxy m30, (with 1080p AMOLED and 5000 mAh)

  4. The brand, the logo are everything ! The social statue when you draw an iPhone from your pocket is definitely not the same then when you show a OnePlus… That is it!

  5. It's not a good phone apple doing what apple does gotta hit the preset max profit margins hence no oled display and tiny battery. They could have easily made the entire front all display, bigger battery and screen being oled which would have resulted in really solid battery life but then they won't sell as many 1000$ phones anymore.

  6. Apple had zero “tech enthusiasts” in mind when they designed this phone. This phone was designed for the 50+ man or woman who is still walking around with a cracked iPhone 6 or 7 but refuses to pay $1k for a new iPhone. The only negative for people who this phone targets is price. It should have been priced at the same price point as the base iPad, which is $299.

  7. I believe Dave did not review his past videos on buying smartphones on this price level before he made this one . He always says about basics of a phone plus what new fuctionalities and he always says its the right one for your money. Now so many phones of good fuctionalities apart from basics came out below the price if not the same of this garbage, and he now says they lack the basics. I STRONGLY BELIEVE DAVE HAS STARTED LOSING THE QUALITY OF HIS REVIEWS EVER SINCE HE STARTED WORKING WITH UNBOX THERAPHY. ITS SEEMS MONEY IS NOW THE MAIN PRIORITY NOT THE CONTENT QUALITY ANY LONGER. Its now time to unsub.

  8. Good point. The only thing that matters is whether somebody wants it or not. It's their money. Nobody else needs to be offended when they go ahead and buys one. If you don't want it, that's cool too. But there's no need to point out to those that do that their purchase is "crap".

  9. This is the iPhone for people who don't want to walk around with a tablet sized phone in their pocket, hate Face ID and don't want to spend 1K € on a friggin' phone.Simple as that. I'll probably upgrade to this one, still on an iPhone6. Hell, my girlfriend is still rocking the original SE.

  10. The OnePlus phones are relatively inexpensive (and extremely popular) here in India – iPhones are a statement that a lot of people want to make, so they'll pay the premium for it.

  11. Android is really good but its like a temporary thing you have to switch because performance gets low drastically
    but iPhone have a unique and stable experience thats why iOS tops the charts

  12. You can buy a flagship level phone for $400 these days. Even last year's Galaxy S10. Why would anyone buy this? And to be trapped in the Apple ecosystem seems like punishment not a benefit. That screen is just horrible in 2020.

  13. Is everyone used to expensive phones that making it cheap with low features good enuf to give one of the richest companies in the world money to get sub par product,

    What's the point of high performance chip if you can't use it to see good pics or videos

  14. Wait… what about the Pixel 3a? That's a $400 phone that isn't a flagship killer, nor is it trying to be. It's got the same sorta sentiment, bringing a high-end part to the 'budget' line, with the processor being the part Apple chose, and the camera (and / or the software) being the part Google chose.

  15. I've been using SE since the day 1, I absolutely lovin it. But it doesn't mean that SE is the best phone, just I love the size and price. I'm pretty sure so many like me who had 6 for long time and looking for small phone

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