[Video] My monitor just got an UPGRADE

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[Video] My monitor just got an UPGRADE 1
[Video] My monitor just got an UPGRADE 2
[Video] My monitor just got an UPGRADE 3
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  1. Linus: Uses super ultrawide monitor to avoid bezels
    Also Linus: Puts two of them on top of each other instead of a big TV and gets one of the largest bezels ever as a result.

  2. Hi Linus, would love to see an egpu upgrade video on a All-in-one computer like Dell XPS 2720. It has a great cpu, ram and storage but the mobile gpu (on board) makes it weak for gaming. Is there any chance we could turn one of those into a gaming machine?!

  3. @ 11:06 I was screaming this in my head the whole time until he said it 😆 GD it why go through all that just get a curved 240hz TV dooshbag!!! And u realise YouTube is free rt? Nobody's paying money to see you get a hernia stop being foolish and take the help asshole. Jeezus Linus is super annoying but im pissed when he's not in the video for some reason…. Honestly not sure why I watch all of these there's rarely everyday real world stuff and its a complete calamity at times typically Linus and the pudgy weird Sideways comb over guy that always looks high or sad trying to liquid cool eachother's balls or something else just as Ludacris….. 😕

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