[Video] OnePlus 8 Pro Review – The Better S20

My review of the OnePlus 8 Pro. The best android phone right now. One Plus Versus the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, this is a faster phone with an arguable better screen and camera than the S20 +

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[Video] OnePlus 8 Pro Review - The Better S20 1
[Video] OnePlus 8 Pro Review - The Better S20 2
[Video] OnePlus 8 Pro Review - The Better S20 3
[Video] OnePlus 8 Pro Review - The Better S20 4
[Video] OnePlus 8 Pro Review - The Better S20 5

41 Comments on “[Video] OnePlus 8 Pro Review – The Better S20”

  1. i dont mind the price honestly. considering the mi10pro costs like 400-500$ more than mi 9pro.. they all want huaweis share that they will loose without google android so of course they make "true" flagships now..

  2. Most of android flagships generally use the same camera hardware. It’s the software that generally makes the difference now. The price bump is that because it is a real flagship, however I feel they need to get it to networks, price plans from OnePlus like Apple do. Because it’s s20 iPhone money but without the flexibility of having it available to all major networks across the world could be their biggest failing to date.

  3. I think that's the plan from OnePlus all along. They sold previous phones with cheaper price, and make the camera less good. And now their phones with good camera with flagship price.

  4. 2 fingers to the dedicated fan base that got oneplus to where they are now. Now producing an unimaginative expensive brick like the other top phones. No pop up camera, a 5 dollar wireless coil and the camera's are the same tech.

  5. We all see what OnePlus did here. Changing the motto from Flagship Killer to Never Settle and while directly fighting in the turf of Apple/Samsung. But, somewhere down within – we all saw it coming.

  6. I feel like half of these tech reviewers focus more on hardware than software when they make claims like the "Better S20". Half of the experience of Samsung is Hardware and the other half is software. There is so much good software shit in One UI 2.1 and this guy can't even grasp that. Just wants a boring vanilla version of android. I get Color OS has some extras but doesn't even touch the foundation Samsung has built. Same with Apple, what makes their phones good too is the software experience. Not something I prefer but worth acknowledging. I stopped watching tech reviewers because of this. They really don't know much or what to look for. Every now and then I will look and see if any of them grown, still haven't seen it.

  7. We are talking about flagship then we need to compare it with s20 ultra and 11 pro. Because it's a flagships so people need to know whether op is better than all of em, instead u claiming it best flagship, I don't find it satisfying. And in many other reviews I saw apple still have the bst video, samsung 108mp cam have better details….and so on. Instead of making silly claims that this is best falgship, I can't agree with u. I like ur content but it needs to be satisfactory.

  8. I don't really get people hating on this phone. If you think about it, this will probably be a top 3 phone in 2020(I dont think the Pixel will overtake this or the new iPhone or the Samsung Note), and with $900 its still a $100 less than the Samsung or Apple flagship. Moreover, OnePlus in my books finally made it. I'm a long time OP user, I still use an OP5, still love it, and now they have a legitimate chance to be the best phone in every category. A truly complete package for everyone. And still, they made a very capable phone with the non pro version(personally I'm aiming to buy that) so why the hate? They may truly made the best of the best this year objectively!

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