[Video] Please don't buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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[Video] Please don't buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra. 1
[Video] Please don't buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra. 2
[Video] Please don't buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra. 3
[Video] Please don't buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra. 4
[Video] Please don't buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra. 5

34 Comments on “[Video] Please don't buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra.”

  1. Avoided the S20 Ultra. Got an S20 Plus, loved it but Its juuust too big to be comfortable. Exchanged it for Standard S20….sweet spot.

  2. Samsung is just trying to be cool…like Apple. And trying get cool by buying something and just buying it to be cool is just stupid. Better make your own research and buy what fits you best

  3. i still have my s7 edge, running perfectly fine, still looks almost no different from this phone, phone tech has stunted since s6, the days where every year the new phone is drastically different are gone

  4. My dad has our TV sound system horribly balanced and won't let me change it, and our windows put a horrible glare on the TV, so I just use my phone. I also like using headphones while watching movies anyway

  5. Its like a cheap plastic pen with real gold letters on its side- Expensive, but no one needs or wants it.

  6. I'm really happy with my Xperia XZ Premium. I had 2 Samsungs before it, and seeing how they've taken the S20, if I go back to Samsung it'll be for a foldable once they get stereo speakers.

  7. I’ll take the hole punch any day over a stupid ass pop up camera. It is such a stupid decision and I have no idea why Linus endorses it so much.

  8. I wonder if Samsung or any of the other companies he gives unfavorable reviews to get mad? The phone market is interesting. I remember when the Galaxy S3 came out, their was no substitute. When the pixel 2XL became my daily driver, I was sure I would never change to another phone, it just worked. When it became economically infeasible to fix the pixel, I bought an S10+, and overall it is a good phone, but it does lag sometimes. If you have a newer model phone, it's probably not worth switching to something like this.

  9. Never buy a phone right at the time it comes out. Wait a year and the price will drop significantly

  10. I wont get it because there is no headphone jack. Not gonna walk around all day with my blutooth on leaving my phone vulnerable. Ill just go to a ROG 2.

  11. Wait a minute people actually give you crap for watching movies And TV on your phone that’s ridiculous I watch movies and TV on my phone all the time I almost never sit down and watch a movie on an actual TV just don’t have time when it’s on my phone I can pause it go do something else and when I take a break I can watch it it’s so much easier

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