[Video] Responding to this Escobar Fold Situation…

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[Video] Responding to this Escobar Fold Situation... 1
[Video] Responding to this Escobar Fold Situation... 2
[Video] Responding to this Escobar Fold Situation... 3
[Video] Responding to this Escobar Fold Situation... 4
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40 Comments on “[Video] Responding to this Escobar Fold Situation…”

  1. All the comments saying it's the viewers fault but yall here watching a shill getting paid to sell products to you lol

  2. Oh Lew come on. Your videos are perfect the way they are. And the amount of thinking the viewer has to do is on spot. Don't change the way you do stuff just because of some dump viewers who do not understand the style of your videos.

  3. Why would any one buy this phone when you know it's not from Samsung I remember watching this video and I never once thought it was a phone I should buy , there were way to many inconsistencies and doubts in the review about the phone so how can you blame him for buying it this is crazy mun

  4. Lew, review literally anything you want. As long as you're either sure people can get it from reputable source or make it crystal clear it's either unavailable or a hard "do not take any risks" disclaimer.

  5. As a non-native english speaker it was pretty clear what your intention was. Weird that anyone can misinterpret that.

  6. I don’t think you were out of pocket in the first video at all. You even said you were skeptical about it. There wasn’t a single aspect about your first video that warranted outrage.

  7. You did a video of this, I saw it, and then it was deleted. I honestly don't know whether to trust you anymore mate. I've got nothing against you, but how can you promote what the cartel is doing in scamming people?

  8. KEEP IT UP!! Don't delete the video. They say no such thing as bad publicity. If the PE Fold wasn't as interesting/intriguing as it is, then it wouldn't have gotten a follow up. Even being one having to explain that ITS NOT THE GOAT, but it was something to see for sure!
    YOU DO A GREAT JOB. Miss Will tho too! STAY SAFE!!! Keep it up you guys!

  9. Imo, you don't have to apologize to anyone for that material. If someone received it as a promotion of PE Fold 2 he should go to a psychologist or psychiatrist. I have been watching Unbox Therapy for a long time and I firmly state that this is your style of describing technology, news and other unusual phenomena. About what Escobar did with Galaxy Fold 2, I watched many movies and you all did the same – you described the situation more or less emphasizing the ethics of this action. We, watching your programs, should form an opinion on this subject ourselves and act carefully in our interest.

  10. I don't know why you had to apologize or make an explanation video… There is nothing wrong with the video or your reactions. If anyone bought it or gave money to this company that's on them. You don't control ADULTS. You're fine. Keep doing your thing.

  11. Unbox and review everything. That’s why we love you. Please don’t take the defensive stance like this again….. the thing that gives your channel credibility is that you do what you feel like doing without censoring to people’s feelings.

  12. I understand what you are saying and you don't expect people to take your words online religiously. But you should watch the CaspianReport video on fake news. With 16M subscriber you are what they call opinion leader and you bare more responsibilities than you think in this day and age

  13. Lew I've been a long time viewer (almost 7 year's) and loved your content… You've gotten greedy tho. If any one does a shred of digging you know without a shadow of a doubt you knew this was a easy cash grab.
    You have had the opportunities to be honest and straight forward with you viewer base and give unbiased reviews. Seeing that you are close to the top of the YouTube tech food chain, you should do your due diligence to be honest. A lot of us are tired of the whole ""oh I didn't know"" escape trope. You know you have a vast viewer base and the way you portrayed your review you in fact endorsed this product.
    You simply dance the line the same w/ your phone cases controversy. At this point I just don't trust your opinion and ethics. You've become another cash grasping dissociated content creater. There are many other intelligent and knowledgeable channels that deserve more veiwership but you cloud over with your misleading, questionable, clickbait content that is all to comen place on this platform.
    I unsubbed like many others. I wish you would just be honest and look out for you large viewer base…

  14. This kind of video is totally unnecessary. Keep doing what you guys do best. No need to explain your videos to the sheep or be aware of how you word things and how videos are edited. If someone doesn't get it then they don't. That's their loss. In case someone went and bought this, then got disappointed and blames you, that's only showing their lack of brain. Don't change your style just to please the sheep, please.

  15. As much as I enjoyed the original video. This is Youtube, you might have to dumb it down towards the end.

  16. You should keep on reviewing these kind of products but be CRYSTAL CLEAR if you have ANY feelings of sketchiness.

  17. I'd prefer you not try to play both sides of the fence in the future. I've seen you make no bones about talking about issues with other companies in the past but all of a sudden you're being modest? Just be up front, don't infer or dance around the truth. Keep the same energy you have whenever Apple or Samsung mess up.

  18. Don't stop doing you because of some mouth-breathers! If you remove the natural element that you and Will Du bring to the table, your videos will start to feel cheap and lose the charisma that always makes me look forward to your next video!!

  19. Unfortunately, common sense isn't so common Lew. It's ashame you felt obligated to review your video. To answer your question, I love your channel and the variety of products. If any seem risky, just clearly label it as such… no need to dull down the channel for other people's actions because they missed it. I caught it, as many did. Good luck and stay well my friend!

  20. You are the best. But don't do this apologies videos ever again man. Just keep being you, it ain't always going to work

  21. Don't stop being you Lew.
    Remember people follow you because you're you don't change for anybody.
    Keep the sarcasm coming👏

  22. You provided a video of unboxing the PE phone, exactly what your channel was made for, unboxing the cheapest to the most expensive things in tech. Keep doing your thing lew

  23. There are a lot of people that have a hard time picking up on tones, or sarcasm. I'm very oblivious (unless I know the person very well) to jokes/sarcasm. As you said, the way a video is edited can change the overall affect you were going for in the video. I don't think there's an issue with keeping the previous video up, however, making it obvious that it is not a serious video. EDIT: I don't think that you need to do that on every video like it. People need to take all videos with a grain of salt. Regardless if it's a serious video, or sarcastic.

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