[Video] The Fear of Technology is REAL… – WAN Show April 10, 2020

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[Video] The Fear of Technology is REAL... - WAN Show April 10, 2020 1
[Video] The Fear of Technology is REAL... - WAN Show April 10, 2020 2
[Video] The Fear of Technology is REAL... - WAN Show April 10, 2020 3
[Video] The Fear of Technology is REAL... - WAN Show April 10, 2020 4
[Video] The Fear of Technology is REAL... - WAN Show April 10, 2020 5

35 Comments on “[Video] The Fear of Technology is REAL… – WAN Show April 10, 2020”

  1. speaking of misunderstanding him on purpose..

    waves through the air definitely can cause a virus to jump to humans. radiation-based mutations ftw

  2. Oh my in czech republic we have company named seznam.cz, they have app mapy.cz, its best app for every kind of map for our state and they can track coronavirus people last 2 weeks, if you want you can share your location.

  3. Allright, I'm gonna say it. Linus looks way better with the sideswiped hairstyle and the subtle shade on his face. 😀

  4. So people really hate the PS4 controller that much. I’ve always found it way more comfortable than the Xbox one controller.

  5. My phone GPS and bluetooth is turned off and I seldom keep my phone with me because of that big brother stuff.

  6. Video timestamps of this Weeks WAN Show as linus forgot to put them in the description.

    10:46 Apple and google Teams up to use your data.

    24:40 5G towers has been set fire to

    33:17 This video's sponsor

    37:15 PlayStation 5 controller

    55:18 AMD 4th Gen CPUs rumored to release September 2020

    1:02:26 LTT Store updates

    1:12:00 Intel XE HP GPU

    1:18:03 Linus asks questions people have asked and says things about messages people have sent

  7. The intelligence displayed by the audience here at times makes me think some of them are on the spectrum.

  8. Most healthcare workers are expected to buy their own scrubs and it is treated as personal laundry. I get the safety side of it, but after 12.5 hours my only thought is that I’m exhausted and want to go home, not changing my outfit.

  9. Tell that to actors Woody Harrelson + John Cusack. Though Cusack says his comments were "Misinterpreted". "“5 – G wil [sic] be proven to be very very bad for people’s health," Yeah, I can see that.

  10. Luke: i dont think the console fanboy wars have been hot for a long time now.
    Me and my friends dissing our other friend for playing on a switch and that every switch player we’ve ever seen play a competitive non-exclusive game is trash

  11. Dual analog sticks and rumble were featured first in the PS1 DualShock controller released in 1997 — not PS2 Linus!

  12. As for the Bluetooth tracking thing, everyone you’ve been in contact with is stored locally on-device, so someone at Apple/Google could not figure out who you’ve been in contact with.

  13. 5G will cause cancer in the body when introduced. this is not to be funny or to be a humorist. the higher radiation is the basic cause.

  14. The 5G thing is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid… and to be so sure of it that your willing to burn down cellphone toweres… the utter incompetence is staggering.

  15. Millimetre wave is used in body scanners because it *does not penetrate skin*, it's designed to identify abnormal lumps on the body which could be a concealed item. If 5G is harmful, visible light which is much higher energy than 5G and any other radio/microwave signal, must be lethal.

  16. Sales will be down for the next gen consoles because by the time they come out everyone's going to be fucking dead

  17. With the whole app thing, having that contact tracing ability on a wide scale may actually give people more freedom. The UK is currently on "lockdown", you cannot see friends or family, so having an app that gives us more information may help give us more freedom than currently, while still keeping virus cases under control.

  18. The SCIENCE behind the dangers of microwave radiation. 5G is a scourge and scam. Most people won't care though because it requires fancy book learning about a subject with which VERY few know or understand, electrical/electronics engineering. It takes years of math and study to understand it, but it is actually fun to build things!

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