[Video] The New MacBook Air’s Biggest Problem

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[Video] The New MacBook Air’s Biggest Problem 1
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28 Comments on “[Video] The New MacBook Air’s Biggest Problem”

  1. not sure you should be comparing the air with dell xps and hp spectre as they are much more expensive. to be fair i think you should be comparing dell and hp with low end mac book pro.

  2. "Bigger bezel on top good because more space on keyboard"

    Okay, then why are the bezels on the side still wide as well? Seems like Apple could make the screen bigger, while keeping the outer dimensions the same. They just didn't bother.

  3. Microsoft patented window snapping, yet I still need to press win+left twice to actually trigger the proper snap functionality. As a reminder, it's been 5 years since 10 came out lol

  4. 7:26 wait dafuq what?!?
    If Microsoft patented window snapping then how on earth does like every other OS have it?
    also, you call that a dick move on Microsoft's part but Apple did the same with touchpad gestures

  5. Never HP, they cheapen out and use an ANSI layout keyboard in every part of the world. Fuck them. Doesn't want to put in the extra cost to produce keyboards with ISO layout – which most part of the world uses, except the US. Even on the expensive computers! How is it possible to be so fucked up?

  6. Microsoft didn't patent snapping windows, they patented the annoying extra step where you gotta select the window you want snap to the other side (if any). The snapping functionality itself has been a thing since before the patent on ubuntu 6.06 using compiz for example.

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