[Video] This Gadget Will Make You Untouchable…

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40 Comments on “[Video] This Gadget Will Make You Untouchable…”

  1. Still takes a few hrs for brass or copper both of which are anti microbacterial to kill viruses or bacteria then the stop working as effectively once they start to dull/oxidise

  2. Got to say, thank you Lew for keep bring up videos in the current situation of the world. Is so sad to see tour place like this no lights and you alone, also the music is not helping. By the end I almost cried 😭😭😭😭.

  3. Lou where are you at with the whole Kovrig case? Like hauwei pretty much created these arrests of your country men and I don't think I've ever heard you talk about it. If this is public I apologise I'm not intending to spotlight this. Im just obviously very unaware of my world and this is the first I have heard about it. But approaching over a year now. Please tell me SOMEONE us getting them released🙏🛐

  4. The problem with these Type C chargers is that the laptops that charge with both a barrel and type C will fail to charge from these if they are completely flat becuase they won't wake up to negotiate the PD charge level. So if you take this on vacation and your laptop runs flat at any point, no laptop until you can get to a Best Buy to plug your laptop in and bootstrap it lol.

  5. There are already an abundance of copper and brass door openers on the market for 1/3 the price of Hygiene Hand. Seems like they are trying to take advantage of people during the pandemic by recreating an existing item at a higher cost.

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