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  1. You already made so much money scamming people can't you just live your live and delete this disgusting channel

  2. Lewis: obviously trying to make the products sound interesting and grab the viewer

    Also lewis:
    "They could all be junk🤷‍♂️"

  3. These things in my experience don’t always work.
    I don’t care how old or uncool an apple charge cable is to the rest of the world-at least they work every time.
    This is purely a gimmick

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  5. Net dot gen 10 is better to me than the gen 12 because the plug at the bottom isnt round. But one of the main benefits I don't think you mentioned was that you can use one cable for 3 different connector types. 4 pack of cables from net Dot were like under 20 bucks and each came with 3 connectors. (Micro USB, USB C and lightning) very convenient.

  6. so you put in the adapter and then the adapter snaps in with the magnetic cable. Why doesnt the adapter is getting pulled off if you pull off the cable? i mean, why is the connection between the phone and the adapter so strong?

  7. I'd probably use that for my switch or my xbone controller, as the switch is annoying to use handheld whilst charging and the xbone controller has a shitty micro-usb port

  8. "No polution" great marketing stunto raise the price XD the only reason they talk about polution is because they made it all up to rip off money from the people

  9. I used to use a magnetic charger. I loved it. But once my laptop got a usb-c port like my phone, I just ended up using the new long cord for everything.

  10. I love magnetic cables and have bought a couple of versions off ebay. I ended up using the one that allowed charging and data syncing (USB 3.0). Since my wireless earphones still uses microusb, having the nibs in all my devices (usb-c and microusb) and carrying around only 1 magnetic cable makes it convenient. There is also less stress on the port itself when I have to unplug and go. The data sync is useful for using in the car when I connect to Android Auto to my vehicle. Because it is magnetic, I can just plug it in with one hand and keeping my eyes on the road. Wish they will start making ones that is thunderbolt 3 usb-c data transfer capability so I can plug my surface laptop to the monitor.

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