[Video] This is the iPhone SE 2

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  1. Apple is phenomenal when it comes to supporting devices even if the devices don't belong to the premium sector. I bought an SE in 2017 for about $310, just because it was cheap and though it would last a long time and I was lucky I was right, still works smoothly (the battery is somewhat worse tho). Will upgrade to this SE maybe after 1-2 years when it becomes cheaper. Till then the original one should last (maybe even longer if I tried, but I also want the new one)

  2. came at a great time, ive had my iphone se for a couple years now… going pretty slow… need an update and I'm not paying over $500 for a phone.

  3. people : we don't want a notch in 2020

    Apple : i'll give you a phone with big bezels chin and a forehead it's basically an iphone 8 but we will call it SE cause that's how things work around here

  4. Actually, I am using iPhone 8 (64GB). I bought it second-hand for 450 USD, 15 months ago.
    However, I am into it, I like it. I don't need anything else. That's perfectly fine for me. I like the size, the form.
    However, I won't buy the SE 2020, this is bull*hit. The 128GB version is kinda expensive and there are great Android devices that deserve the same amount of money.

  5. You need to be really brain damaged to buy these iPhones with so many cheap options in the market. For a fraction of the price you can get Android One OS. You can get robbed and that won't make any difference, you'd still be able to buy another 1, or 2, or just save for some beers, burgers, pizzas… You get the point

  6. i had the original iPhone 5 from 2013-2017 and then the original iPhone SE and then switched to the Galaxy S8 (best phone i’ve owned) but the only thing to get me to switch back to apple was a 2nd gen iPhone SE, this should do the trick

  7. I wish oneplus still made affordable phones. The last kind of affordable and really solid oneplus was my 5T. it was amazing AND it had an headphone jack! No more oneplus for me tho. Now im on samsungs a70 and this is really good for he price.

  8. So basically the plan is this…
    Apple makes him make a video on the new phone. Then whatever criticism it gets on the video will be taken by Apple and implement on their device. Thus, the full reveal has not occurred.

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