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Why SaaS opens the door to so many cyber threats (and how to make it safer)

Software as a service (SaaS) Cybersecurity

Cloud services have become increasingly important to many companies’ daily operations, and the rapid adoption of web apps has allowed businesses to continue operating with limited productivity hiccups, even as global coronavirus restrictions have forced much of the world to work from home.

But at the same time, even major corporations have fallen prey to hackers. How can you maintain the integrity of your IT resources and data while still taking advantage of the benefits of software as a service (SaaS)?

While cybersecurity is a broad and complicated topic, let’s consider a hypothetical SaaS scenario and examine some of the risks.

Imagine that one of your employees is writing a sensitive report. It could have financial or medical data in it. It could have information on a revolutionary new design. Whatever it is, the report needs to be kept confidential.

What would happen if your employee writes the report in Google Docs? Let’s assume that this decision wasn’t run past the IT department. The employee just did it out of habit because Google Docs is what he or she had been using for years to share documents easily with coworkers.

What are some of the risks facing your company?


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