XOX Mobile offers 20,000 Jobs for Malaysians during COVID-19

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XOX Mobile brings relief during the Covid-19 pandemic by the launch of a nationwide campaign that will see the telco creating 20,000 new jobs through its Online Dealer Affiliate Programme.

With the recent announcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO) being extended until the 12th of May means Malaysians will need to endure longer #stayathome.

The long term goal of breaking the Covid-19 transmission chain requires patience so families and loved ones can be together again.

With the economic downturn, the more than 2.7 million households under the B40 category is likely to be the most affected by the pandemic. At times like these, forking out money for internet and communications which is considered essential in this modern day should not be an additional burden.

Ng Kok Heng, Group CEO of XOX Mobile, explained that XOX Mobile is aware that their users’ internet and communication needs will increase during the nationwide movement control period. “XOX Mobile has always been committed to putting the needs of the people first and in these trying times, it is no different, and that’s the reason we created our prepaid plans that gives our users 28 months validity right out the gate in the first place. For other telcos, 365 days equals to RM365 spending just to stay connected – but our users only need to spend RM50 and that is a saving of up to RM315 a year. Let’s say we are talking about our 1.5 million prepaid plan(only) users, we’ve created savings of up to RM472.5 million for Malaysians, and this is only for 1 year – and we haven’t even started talking about our BLACK (postpaid) plans”, referring to their carry forward feature which gives their users ALL the data they paid for, unlike its peers.

“Additionally, since we are an essential service, we are still providing and creating jobs with our dealer affiliate programme no matter in good – or bad times. We have people who came to us making RM1,500 a month doing freelance jobs to feed a family of 6, that after joining our programme has now grown to earn a steady monthly income for the family. It takes effort and hardwork but it is all very doable, and since the dealer affiliate programme is also online, our dealers can still make a living in difficult times like these. We are now open and ready for at least another 20,000 people to join us,” Ng adds.

XOX Mobile remains committed to creating the most innovative products and income avenues that will benefit its users and dealers as the company strives towards bringing the best mobile experience to the region.

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