Get Success For Your Business by Following Mainstream Consumer Electronics Like IPhone 4g, IPad Etc.

Did you find, from Blackberry Pearl to iPhone 4g, and Macbook to iPad, with the storm of each new device launched, numerous people get success by marketing applications or accessories who turn out to become very rich in the storm; and at the same time, many lose by failing to catch the right storm in time. Now comes the question – how to catch the storm and become a winner?

Applications marketing may be hard for ordinary people, accessories marketing could be a piece of cake for most though. Everyone wants his stuff to be special and look differently, however, there seem to be not really so many options available to choose from. Actually they are there, just find it. Among these options, there is one processing way named ‘ subliprene ‘ which means sublimation on neoprene that is commonly used in mouse pads, mobile phone cases, beer koozies, laptop sleeves and lose weight belts etc. Almost any artwork can be sublimated on the white polyester surface of neoprene. It can be a well trimmed desktop wallpaper or simply a photo shot from digital camera. For instance, people can Google their favorite Worldcup soccer stars desktop wallpapers or photographs and sublimate on their stuff’s white polyester surface. Just a reminder, cotton ( > 60% ) surface is no way for sublimation and 100% polyester is the best option.

Unlike traditional screen imprint processing which involves high tooling cost and charges super high for full color and full wrap printing, sublimation allows no tooling cost and prints whatever images or artworks in JPEG, PDF, AI or EPS format and no MOQ ( minimum order quantity ) required. Moreover, sublimation is eco-friendly with no harmful stuff in the ink. And it features machine washable with no fade and no solvent in alcohol. These features get subliprene a good fame.

For making this business, a heat press machine is very necessary which costs from USD 100 to 200 per piece. A sublimation printing system and material supply are also helpful. If unavailable, they can be purchased somewhere. For instance, for a 18cm x 20cm blank mouse pad starting from USD 0.29/pc for a 1,000pcs order; Or else printing 10 different cool graphics and each graphic is only with 100pcs at USD 0.38/pc. This is extremely helpful for home and SME business, as it not only decreases stock and cash flow pressure to an unbelievable stage, but also enhances the sales in a great extent and speeds up the turn around time.

Blank mouse pad is as easy as pie. Many more stuff can be customized, say subliprene cases for Kindle, iPad, Blackberry, iPhone 4g and many many others that are newly released. Each is a storm, but remember, cake is easy to cut but not easy to make. A thorough business plan and market research are highly recommended before starting the business.

Frankie Yi

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