Kindle DX For Summer 2010 Review – Amazon Steps Up

Consumers researching e-book reading devices find there are many options and plenty of opinions. Apple’s iPad has created a stir in the market that Amazon had to respond to in order to remain a viable source for the E-reading market. School being out for summer is no excuse to sit back and not sell products to students. Amazon is not resting on its laurels.

This latest generation Kindle DX released has been refreshed. Having to up its game to remain competitive with the iPad, Amazon has done this in 2 main areas. It has offered improvements in the screen and its price. It still retains its integrated 3G wireless, which means international usage for downloading e-books and periodicals.

The latest versions screen still remains set at a 9.7 inch display. Where the improvement comes in is its new graphite enclosure and a new high contrast electronic ink display. This display now offers easier viewing with 50% better contrast for the clearest text and sharpest images. You will find it easier to read no matter what environment you are in. It may be the bright sunlight on your deck or the low light of your favorite reading room. There is no glare it is just like reading a paper.

Earlier versions of the Kindle DX were priced only $10 cheaper than the iPad when it came out. This newer generation DX is now priced at $379. This is a substantial price drop below the cost of an iPad. The Kindle DX is still noted for its longer lasting battery life and Amazon has added more than 200,000 books to increase its library to 620,000.

Overall Kindle DX is the superior e-reader when compared with the iPad. The iPad wins in the fancy toy category and is hard on the eyes when reading. If you tried earlier to get a DX and failed summer may be the time for you to step up.

Mark A. M. Smith

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