realme Malaysia Gains Top Spots in the Southeast Asia Markets


According to global smartphone analysis in Q1 2020 released by Canalys, realme Malaysia has entered the Top Smartphone Vendors as Top 4 in Malaysia surpassing Xiaomi. realme Malaysia has also achieved another amazing milestone in the Southeast Asia market with its YoY growth being Top 1 in Q1 2020.

The facts shown above inferred that realme’s market share has surpassed Xiaomi in Malaysia. In Malaysia, realme became the 4th smartphone vendor with a total of 11% market share, overtaking Xiaomi and Huawei. Meanwhile, the YoY growth of realme Malaysia reaches 406% making it the fastest growing smartphone vendor in Malaysia.

realme Malaysia also recorded the highest YoY growth in the Southeast Asia market compared to other brands in its neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand for Q1 2020.

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