[Video] AMD just Spoiled Intel's Party!! – WAN Show May 22, 2020

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  1. It's all well and good offering an uninstaller after the fact. Any actions the Denuvo malware wants to perform have already been done and any user data/telemetry Denuvo or Bethesda want to gather has already been given up. An uninstaller will not undo that.

  2. I bought the Ryzen 3 3300x. A big leap from my current i5-7400. Also waiting for my motherboard to arrive, but now I'm a bit conflicted on how I go about updating the BIOS since 400 chipsets may not support it out of the box. I dont have any amd chips lying around and I'm not sure my nearby PC store is competent enough for the job

  3. How did AMD spoil Intels party AMD sales in diy is one thing but market leader is Intel. AMD has oversupply of cups. Mean while Intel is selling everthing they make. And really don't need to lower prices. Linus is clown. watch him in builds. The guy has no skills and the only interest in his videos is the clown is funny. He almost burned down his building. That is incompetency.. Not only that he is using government money for covid. He is a low life criminal. My town has many laid off people working and drawing unemployment even as they work receive cash rather than on the books. I turned in2 such companies both were caught and people involved have to pay back the unemployment they stole.

  4. wow, sounds like these people don't know who they are, let alone who anyone else is, grasping for straws constantly about others most likely projecting.

  5. Hi Linus,
    My PCs graphic card is on its last legs, I have been looking at the AMD RX5600 6gb.

    My current set up is fairly old
    motherboard Gigabyte 990 FXA UD3
    CPU AMD FX 8150 black edition
    GPU AMD HIS Ice QX HD7970 Crossfire
    12gb Ram
    (Windows 10)

    so my question is if I went for the RX5600 will there be any huge bottlenecks with my current motherboard and what would your recommendations be?

    thank you love your vids

  6. @Linus Tech Tips You guys have to make the commentary track available for download as just audio. So people can mux it with their owned-copy-BRrips and watch it easily and synced along with the movie as they would an on-disc commentary track.

  7. Athlon K7 early 2000. where the Athlon K7 550 was equal to Intel's 700Mhz cpu . AMD A64 was 2002 then the AMD 64 X2 mid 2004. We got the 64 X2 in August and I was one of the 1st to get one in Australia, all my mates had ordered one and a few of them worked in IT. They were spewin that I got 64 X2 48 cpu at least 6 weeks before they did. It was up until core in late 2006 that Intel was on the back foot with P4 cpu's and Rambus ram.

  8. Love you guys buy can you zoom out a little next WAN?
    Your face is just fitting and it makes your heads huge for those looking at this on a 60"+ TV 😛
    Thanks for another awesome stream

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