[Video] Apple's $700 Wheels are NOT Crazy…

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[Video] Apple's $700 Wheels are NOT Crazy... 1
[Video] Apple's $700 Wheels are NOT Crazy... 2
[Video] Apple's $700 Wheels are NOT Crazy... 3
[Video] Apple's $700 Wheels are NOT Crazy... 4
[Video] Apple's $700 Wheels are NOT Crazy... 5

28 Comments on “[Video] Apple's $700 Wheels are NOT Crazy…”

  1. I get free marketing but they still had to put it on stage for their showing which cost time and money, like if they wanted an easy luxo item that they could sell for more stickers would be better than these wheels

  2. yeah only APPLE can make 700 DOLLAR WHEEL for their mac pro which costs 5000 dollars base and 52000 DOLLARS MAXED OUT and their pro display for 4999 ONLY and their "PRO STAND" for 999 ONLY PLEASE

  3. Another thing worth remembering is that these opinion pieces need clicks and they know that both PC and Apple fanboys will click just to revel in the hate or laugh at the "poor". The people writing the articles are getting something out of this as well and the only person ACTUALLY being played in all of this is the consumer. Another thing to remember is all those extra Apple accessories that you could get instead are probably affiliate links. So Apple gets free publicity and possibly more sales on their lower end products and the writers are getting revenue from ads and affiliate links. The rest of your points still stand, but I don't think most of the people writing these articles are as dense as you imply. Or if they are, they don't care and it's irrelevent because MONEY BABY.

  4. So in other words the wheels are still crazy, and are only for fools with more money than sense. But that is somehow ok because of marketing? Yeah alright nice shilling.

  5. Finally someone stating clearly that Apple products are not professional devices despite their names. Neither are the Mavic "Pro" or the Surface "Pro". Sure there will be people using these devices for their job, but they are not the target group. Every Dell Latitude or Optiplex is more "Pro" than a MacBook Pro.

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