[Video] Better Graphics are Coming for EVERYONE – WAN Show May 15, 2020

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[Video] Better Graphics are Coming for EVERYONE - WAN Show May 15, 2020 1
[Video] Better Graphics are Coming for EVERYONE - WAN Show May 15, 2020 2
[Video] Better Graphics are Coming for EVERYONE - WAN Show May 15, 2020 3
[Video] Better Graphics are Coming for EVERYONE - WAN Show May 15, 2020 4
[Video] Better Graphics are Coming for EVERYONE - WAN Show May 15, 2020 5

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  1. Woah woah woah Linus. The memory speed doesn’t matter on Ryzen? Well… I was playing fallout 4 on my pc and the load times were getting noticeable. I’m talking 30-45 seconds noticeable and I have a m.2 SSD with 150 gig still free on it so I’m plenty fine in that department. I decided to go and see what my Ram was running at and saw it had reset to 2666. Put my GSkill 16 Gb Dual channel Ram to its listed 3200 MHz and the load times were cut down significantly. I’m talking 5-10 seconds. So yes, Mhz does effect gamers, especially running Ryzen, specifically in open world games, which it’s no new news how popular open world games are.

  2. Folders at home are doing finals rn.
    It's also getting warmer and I have definitely noticed a temp difference in the room when I run folding at home all day/night and I have no central air at all.

  3. The point about the faster storage for next gen consoles isn't merely about bandwidth. For every bit that gets read off the disk and is used, it has to go through the CPU and there is some small amount of work done there. Now with HDs at 100's MB/s it's not a big deal but, with SSDs at 1,000s MB's it can use resources that would otherwise be used for the game. What consoles have is special silicon so that the SSDs can stream files (textures mostly) directly to the graphics card without taking CPU resources. This is especially important to make games that basically dynamically load the world as you explore it. Otherwise, you would experience stutters in a huge building with a lot of stuff in it, pops into view.

  4. 43:30 Wow, this is gonna be the second most moronic marketing error, after that "sadder than an anime fan on prom night" line in the marketing of Mighty #9, an, effectively, anime game, whose target audience was 99% anime fans. Ouch. But that tone deafness does explain the embarrassment that was the new trilogy.

    46:15 See, that's the issue here. There are hundreds of species in the galaxy, plenty of diversity, right? But the cast of new "diverse" trilogy are all humans. The original trilogy had more diversity, technically, since 1/4 of the main cast were non-humans (Chewie). So, in the end, we only get human diversity, a very obviously forced one. And that's the issue here.

  5. I have a request, can you guys do a video on bone conduction headphones? My wife recently got some and now I'm just curious about the real world use cases, can you hear better with them over a noise cancelling headphone that lets you control how much outside noise comes through?

  6. I hated Xbox controller but hat was the original, I bought a Xbox s had it 6 months and I have a ps 4 fsince launch. I'm converted to Xbox, reasons..
    controller better in every way. holding it more comfortable, battery life is wow. ips4 runs out all the time that I have to wire it up it's like 8 hours v 30 it's that bad and pairing to pc is not and miss, great when it works. Xbox controller is seamless from Xbox to pc. also with a voice command Imran turn Xbox on and off, I can't do that with PS4 which has let to less usage of PS4. yes games are better o. PS4 but everything else it's xbox, andmyes I started buying 4k discs because Plex doesn't support lossless Atmos on fire TV or pc and Kodi doesn't have a official windows version, disc just works.

  7. Feloni is BY FAR the best thing that has happened to Star Wars since Lucas farted out the entire universe back in 77. Don't compare the main movie series with what he's done though. He has had to navigate the absolute IRON clad cannon set in the films while improving and building upon it. His shared universe between Clone Wars, Rebels, the Mandalorian and some tiny aspects of Resistance are right up there with the best of the Marvell cinematic Universe. The schizophrenic jumping back and forth on things and the seemingly "Fuck it, it's space magic" mentality in the main movies is pushed waaaaay the fuck back in his stories, and even when there is "space magic" in them there is a lore built behind it.

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