[Video] Do Antiviruses Still Slow You Down? (2020)

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[Video] Do Antiviruses Still Slow You Down? (2020) 1
[Video] Do Antiviruses Still Slow You Down? (2020) 2
[Video] Do Antiviruses Still Slow You Down? (2020) 3
[Video] Do Antiviruses Still Slow You Down? (2020) 4
[Video] Do Antiviruses Still Slow You Down? (2020) 5

45 Comments on “[Video] Do Antiviruses Still Slow You Down? (2020)”

  1. Try this again with a decent AV suite like Kaspersky, you'll find almost zero hit.
    Dont just use crap like McAfee, Norton, clamav, eset or the multiple 4th rate products from scam sites.

  2. So antivirus is a little bit like paying a gang protection money. It protects you from other unknown, potentially more dangerous threats, but costs money and impedes your work.

  3. God damnit Linus grew a beard? Do you know how hard it’s going to be to make memes of him now? He actually looks like a person now wtf

  4. 2:56 oh so a typical nvidia user PC, 1050TI on 7700k instead of 570 for around same price (before people missing the joke i understand that on this scenario the GPU is just for display since no impact on videocard)

  5. How about installing Linux and not using any slowdown shit at all.

    On windows 10 I am not using a virus scanner either. Lat time I used one was on windows 7, and it took 20 minutes before pc became reponsive, untill I removed the virus scanner.
    Suddenly windows booted almost as fast as Linux.

  6. I didn't know whether these are even qualified to be called antivirus in 2020. I expected Kaspersky, Eset, Bitdefender etc. as antivirus.

  7. Sorry but this video is the first one rated bad. please stay on Hardware. There is no technical difference between AM and AV. You might have taken the time to test NO Security on purpose on Linux Setup vs Windows where you always get some kind of forces security by Microsoft – even you dont want it.
    There are many companies outside which do non-functional testing like performance in detail.

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