[Video] Goodbye Samsung…

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[Video] Goodbye Samsung... 1
[Video] Goodbye Samsung... 2
[Video] Goodbye Samsung... 3
[Video] Goodbye Samsung... 4
[Video] Goodbye Samsung... 5

44 Comments on “[Video] Goodbye Samsung…”

  1. Dear lew,
    You can switch from flagship to flagship anytime you want..and there are people in this world who have been using a budget smartphone for years..!! They all might be Very jealous of you. Said Just to let you know…. You're lucky man!!

  2. Pleeeease save me send me the Samsung 🙂 I'm on the Samsung note 3 from 2013 & it is hard to verry hard to buy some new hispecs phone this days. Nice info that's you say in every video. I will pay the international taxes. Pleaseee

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