[Video] Has AMD Become the Monster they Slayed?? – WAN Show May 8, 2020

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[Video] Has AMD Become the Monster they Slayed?? - WAN Show May 8, 2020 1
[Video] Has AMD Become the Monster they Slayed?? - WAN Show May 8, 2020 2
[Video] Has AMD Become the Monster they Slayed?? - WAN Show May 8, 2020 3
[Video] Has AMD Become the Monster they Slayed?? - WAN Show May 8, 2020 4
[Video] Has AMD Become the Monster they Slayed?? - WAN Show May 8, 2020 5

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  1. So, how much AMD paid you guys for the PR disaster control?

    No, no, seriously. How the heck did you guys accept AMD's explanation so damn easily? BIOS limitation? are you kidding me? some B450, or heck, even some X370 have 32MB of BIOS memory, and some Gigabyte X570 have only 16MB of BIOS memory. How is that explanation acceptable? Tidying up your lineup? Ain't that a bit too late for that? It's already a mess with 300 series chipset and X570 that more mess wouldn't really matter at this point. If you want to tidy up, then start from AM5 socket goddamnit.

  2. As for the AMD board scandal… new chips with better/faster technology require new boards/sockets to fully utilize what the new hardware offers. It's the way it's always been. Have the people complaining been asleep for 20 years?

  3. If all motherboard manufacturers allowed indefinite CPU upgrades there would be less innovation because they’d sell far fewer boards.

  4. 6:26 I have this exact situation: I bought an ASRock B350 Pro4 with a Ryzen 1600 in 2017. I got support for 3rd gen Ryzen on my motherboard. It's great, I'm planning on buying a 3700X/3900X this fall. However, the process of updating BIOS is really frustrating and stressful.

    I currently have BIOS v2.4 and to upgrade I need v5.8 or later. The path is as follows:

    – flash v3.4

    – install AMD all in one VGA driver

    – flash v5.4

    – flash v5.8

    – change the CPU (if update further with Ryzen below 3rd gen there is risk of bricking the board)

    – (optional) flash latest v6.3

    The process is a pain in the ass, but if I'm choosing between having a complicated upgrade and not having one at all, I'm going with the complicated path day or night. When I screw up I brick the board, but hey, without any option I would've had to buy a new one anyway.

    Hail AMD.

  5. I just wanted to add that you can run Rosetta@home on Android. Its a little bit janky, but from my experience it runs better on android 4.4 kit kat – 6.0 marshmallow. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MORE THAN 1.5GB OF FREE RAM (after system usage). DONT RUN IT AT MAX POWER, as it could seriously overheat your phone.

  6. i flew down to my grandparents because my grandfather passed away but before that i constantly had my grandma call me to fix her computer and it was so frustrating. So i installed teamviewer and its so much easier!!!

  7. Guess what, 4000 series ryzen is going to have, again, a bad user experience: if you release b550 BEFORE ryzen 4000, and you dont release new motherboards for the 4000 series or only release a expensive 670 line but not a b650 option, people that would buy the lets say 4600 are STILL going to encounter the bios update hell, because they are going to have to buy a b550 (thats the only mobo that makes sense for a 200 dollar cpu) and its going to need a bios update again straight out of the box so if you are new to the platform, you are AGAIN in bios update hell. And thats why intel STILL has so many users, because no matter what the tech youtubers say, they are FAAAR from doing everthing right, faaar from it

    the only time amd got it right was in the 2000 series, if you release an entire cpu line you need to release all the mobos at day one, otherwise most of the cpus probably wont make sense to buy and you are going to lose a sale with people that are not in a rush. I would have bought a ryzen back in july if they had b550 ready, and the ONLY reason i might still buy it its because intel is in the same boat, because if intel would release, on day one, motherboards that make sense for non K products, i would buy the up and coming i5 10600 instead, which i wont buy either because it doest not have a motherboard that makes sense, im simply not going to pair a non overclockable cpu with a motherboard intended for overclocking, and im not going to buy a K cpu because im in no way shape or form interested in overclocking

    furthermore, amd misled people with the 450 situation and pretty much made every youtube tech commenter a liar when they reviewd chips like the very popular 3600, because in most reviews of the final comments were "and you can get a b450 now and change cpus later on" as a favorable point. And that is wrong, not only they lied themselves, they made every review partially false. Because the actual review of something like the 3600 back in july should have been "but your chip wont be compatible with the board you are going to want to pair it with straight out of the box". And thats not a favorable selling point, quite the opposite

  8. I have two issues with AMD’s launch here:
    1) they should have launched B 550 and announced future compatibility with Zen 2.
    2) I don’t believe the bios size issue they cited applies to MSI MAX boards.

  9. I guess the reason would be to add DDR5 compatiblility, so older boards wont be able to but we will see. Regardles of the the new Gen, i would assume they will relunch ryzen 3xxx with some additional tweaks for older boards, so they wont "die" but to be hones if you can run a 3700x + you wont need the new Generation… you would be fine for the next 2-3 years

  10. When you guys discuss a topic, specifically about a website or service, you often forget to put up the article and only mention the name of the service at the start. So unless you're 100% tuned in and absorbing every last word a lot of these segments turn into me rewinding trying to find a single moment where you just SAY THE NAME OF THE WEBSITE! ugh. Please just use proper nouns more than once per segment or put the article on screen. thanks.

  11. Just Waiting, I have a X570 Board already – give me the New CPU and I will move the 2700X to the Asus X370 Board and the 1600X to a B450 which I will buy – Cheers Guys

  12. Look at AMD's 2016/2017 promotional slides for original Ryzen, literally dates AM4 socket support between 2017 and 2020. Any controversy is contrived.

  13. 14:48 I've been wondering for a while now… Why haven't the ROM chips been upgraded?!
    I'm not saying it needs to be a Gig of bios rom… but afaik 16MB is the max. The MicroSD Card in my phone has 256GB on it… My phone's MicroSD is ‭as large as ‭16,384‬ BIOS ROM chips.

    I understand ROM is a completely different type of memory, but is it actually impossible to increase the size of the ROM storage in the BIOS chips??

  14. Let's be real. Every 300 series board sold is money out of the manufacturers pocket. AMD did a LOT for the consumer by going the extra step, but that bit the partners in the ass. Now that they finally have to do one fucking thing that serves the partners a bit better, suddenly AMD CORPORATE GREED REEEEE etc etc

  15. I've been building for >20 years. I always think of a "system" as CPU+MB. Pretty much everything else can get swapped out or tweaked without OS headaches. Almost always a "worthwhile" CPU upgrade has required a new motherboard since socket 478 or 775 days…. And as I finish writing this, Linus has just said almost the same thing! (19:30)

  16. Hi guys, my son is asking me that he build his own computer. I said why not? But immidiatelly I retracted my opinion. He does not have any idea about computers and he just want to have a graphic designing and gaming computer. Ho w can I deal with this enthousiaste person? Do you have any recommendation? References? Or a list of components that are compatible for each other so that in case he push thru with building it. He will not fail. Thanks community! His budget is 1500$ can.

  17. I am sorry if they released B550 when 3000 seriese was released this was not a big deal. But because there was only B450 out then that is tough. I just bought a B450 board and the 1600af. If I knew i couldnt get Ryzen 4000 i would have waited…

  18. Bought my B350 at launch almost for like 80$CAD(black friday special) used it with a 1600 and 3600, served me well upgrade to a x570 in January (asus TUF) when it was at 180$CAD, sold my B350 for 100$ for some reason sold within 24 hours at that price, turn around of 80$ that's perfect for me 🙂

  19. For the 2021 socket (that I'm guessing will come, cause DDR5) I hope AMD figures all of this stuff out with their board partners ahead of time so they can basically make a concrete statement upon the Zen 4 release about what generations of processors will be supported on the new socket. And honestly I'd be fine with 2 generations of support if they got it "un-messy".

  20. AMD never said they would support AM4 forever. We got very lucky that they did not do an Intel and force us to upgrade every time from B350 to B450 etc. We can still install Ryzen 3000 CPUs which on B450 boards and stuff so I think it's just fine and actually fairly reasonable that AM5 would roll around soon.

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