[Video] Intel and AMD don’t want you to know this… (but your old computer is still fine)

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  1. Naaah sorry still upgrading my i5-6600k for Ryzen 5 3600…
    It can still pull even Doom Ethernal at high details 1080p 60fps when paired with GTX 1060 6GB but I need more cores for rendering 3D graphics and 4 cores are simply not enough and it slows me down

  2. I’m confused. Keep your wallet in your pocket but whilst buying a new $450 GPU & $100(?) worth of adapters which don’t work? Is this a low-key sponsor nudge to upgrade or a video promoting burglaries?

  3. Wow nope .
    I only use usb for a mouse and a keyboard for the rest ? Nothing .
    For WiFi just a pci-e slot.
    And that's it .
    Wel mij Dell have 10usb port .

    Truth is .
    If you have a ssd you pc works great .
    Even mij old Intel laptop with a celeron I serie Just work great with a ssd.

  4. My old dual core I3 with gtx 1050ti can handle most games pretty well 60fps in most games like: Minecraft, Warframe, Devinity os2 and on
    I mean, i can`t play like high definition games on their, but it's fine for what it is

  5. 3:26 YouTube provides content above 1080p60 only in VP9 or AV1 formats, and only GPUs that can support CPU with hardware decoding of those are Pascal and above from Nvidia and none of Radeons AFAIK.

  6. I'll probably never buy another computer ever again. I no longer care about games, like I used to when I was a teen. An iPad and galaxy note's all I really need.

  7. The main problem is with higher standards. The chances are that if you bought a rig this high cost back in the day, you probably did it to play with the highest settings available. If this property is still in you, You will always want the shiniest bells. Probably higher res or refresh rates also.

  8. i7 3930k, Sandy Bridge 6cores/12 threads at 4.1Ghz(HEDT)from 2013…… Of course it holds up fine.
    But a Ryzen 7 2700x build is great for 3d rendering and it only cost 450-500 euros ( early this year.)

  9. That's basically the spec I built brand new way back in 2012. My i7 3770k is doing great for 1080/60 fps max settings. Overclocked to 4.5 ghz, the 7970 was swapped for a Geforce 970 when it launched, and now I have a Vega 56 powering it.
    When I built the PC I installed 16 gig of ddr3 1600mhz which was overkill at the time, but it only cost my £70 at the time!

    Once the new consoles launch and games start to require more CPU power It may be the time to retire the 3770k. 😥

  10. Heeeey i just bought the evo 860 and its great! my computer boots up in about a minute vs when i used an old hard drive it literally took 15 minutes!

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