[Video] My SECRET Computer……

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  1. 😂 sorry but my secret computer has Athlon x2 ddr2 4gb ram and a gt610 graphics card, only thing I love about it is that It can run GTA V at medium settings pretty well and also Battlefield 4 on nearly high settings but for only 20-30 min after that it shutdowns with a hot smell 😂 but glad it still works.

  2. Hey, does anyone have an idea of a good small form factor pc or a gaming laptop that is under 800 euros max? Thank you, ideally for The Division 2, CsGo(very little demanding) and GTA.

  3. It's a great idea… except your "old" screen has an HDMI port. Not everyone has a spare screen with an HDMI port and the Raspberry Pi4 uses mini-HDMI… which makes this very annoying to do with any actual old VGA-only screens…

  4. Fun new update with raspberry pi 4 (beta software RN). You can now boot from USB devices.

    This means you could potentially have a cooler of these setups and all your data on one Flash drive. You could then plug your Flash drive into each computer and have what feels like the same computer in 2 places.

  5. pls do episode on Realtek High Def Audio, they and Microsoft have F*** everything even small windows 10 update changes audio settings, its time to bring in creative labs @soundblaster
    back again. even creative labs will be ur sponsors.

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