[Video] OnePlus 8 Pro X-Ray Vision Mode Uncovered…

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  1. Screw what everyone else wants. I want superpowers!

    I'll probably use it once before the novelty wears off BUT it's one more thing I can do that God didn't want me to do! Probably can't see through clothing reliably anyway. Doesn't matter if it does either. Are we going to hold technology and the future back because John and Jane exist with an inflated sense of self-importance and want to hold the human population of the entire planet back because they think everyone is just going to look at them with this new technology? You couldn't pay me to look at you normally. Now give me the forbidden artifact that I may surpass your Gods. This might sound crazy but I'd probably even buy an iPhone if it means beating your God at tricks. Then the only way to match my power would be if God herself bought an iPhone too and that's probably good for marketing. Er, God himself. No way God is a woman. Yup, that creature that doesn't exist also isn't your gender. Ha! Well at least some guys might take a look at you now that clothing doesn't fulfill its primary purpose anymore. I can feel the power already. I can see the dumb rubbery things under my D-pads. What an amazing time to be alive!

  2. can any youtuber do a real test clip on how it see through different clothes, specifically whether can see nipples or not, not shown though a box

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