[Video] OnePlus 8 Review – Worth Saving $200?

Dave2D OnePlus 8 Review and the transition to OnePlus Z, the cheapest android phone they will have put out in years. Referred to as the OnePlus Lite, the pricing around this disruptive phone is a very important factor in how it will be launched.

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[Video] OnePlus 8 Review - Worth Saving $200? 1
[Video] OnePlus 8 Review - Worth Saving $200? 2
[Video] OnePlus 8 Review - Worth Saving $200? 3
[Video] OnePlus 8 Review - Worth Saving $200? 4
[Video] OnePlus 8 Review - Worth Saving $200? 5

40 Comments on “[Video] OnePlus 8 Review – Worth Saving $200?”

  1. We need something in Canada to fill the lower price market. It’s unfortunate to see usually a 50% price increase from any pricing in the states. I can’t justify spending $1549 + tax ($1750.37) on a phone. Especially considering there is no option to buy it along side a wireless provider. If you want this phone in Canada, your forking out almost $2000 from your pocket all at once.
    I also feel a phone launch may not have been the best thing at this time. Majority of people at this point are already struggling to survive as is financially, hence all the bailouts.

  2. In India the One Plus 8 Pro : 2 versions are priced at Rs 54,999 ( ~ $730 ) for the 128gb/8gb version, and Rs 59,999 (~ $795) for the 256gb/12gb version.

  3. Kudos to you, that you speak about value of a gadget. I am still using OnePlus 7 8GB-256 & enjoying, and waiting for great value product from OnePlus and I 2nd your thoughts 👍😊

  4. Pricing strategies are fun to talk about but they end up making me NOT want to buy any phones because no matter the phone I pick up I will feel exploited. Feels bad, man hahahahahha

  5. ppl who wud go for da oneplus 8 as opposed to da pro is cus theyre value orientated as opposed to getting bleeding edge tech… and by then its more worth to jus go for its predecessors oneplus 7t and oneplus 7p dat also hav 90Hz…

  6. If OP would have started the 8 Pro at $749 and $849, they would have won 2020 with no contest, and the likely additional volume would have offset the $150 loss by not selling it at $999.

  7. I dunno man, I kinda like the slight curve in the screen. Prevents us from looking at black bezel. I don't like a deep curve like the on the note 9 though

  8. Always a fan of your videos, Dave but I was watching this one with my four year old and had to shield her from the Assassins Creed clip. Could you please post a quick warning if you’re going to display potentially graphic content in the future? Thanks! Love the channel!

  9. I use Verizon & they have the op8. This is Verizon's first time opportunity to handle one plus phones. So what do they do, ask 8oo.oo bucks for it. Yeah, it has the proper 5g waves that most can't even use? I like the phone but not the 8oo.oo pricetag. Verizon has big ones to due this, go Big Red, gee doesn't it figure! Dave, very good review?

  10. Excellent body of work. Great that you are capturing the wider audience buy including pricing and some worldwide strategy. Appreciate your hard work.

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