[Video] OnePlus messed up.

The OnePlus 8 Pro comes fitted with a colour filter “X-Ray” camera, and its caused people…

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  1. @Mrwhosetheboss
    I'm pretty sure that they decided decide to put it because of the great qualities it has in low light!
    (If it is an actual infrared sensor and not a filter)
    There is even a whole documentary series about wildlife at night that has been filmed in "ir".

  2. I Love IR photography and normal cameras just with removed IR filter are so expensive because companies charge for unique feature but actually its cheaper to make as normal one. IR never see fully trough plastic and if somebody have nearly see trough clothes on public, that mean they are seeking attention then thought shit. Get over it. Its not fault of camera or technology. We still can buy knife anywhere and everyday its somebody kill by knife why we not stop sell them? Really these day generation need to get grip.

  3. Maybe a software update with not allowing you to take photos of people with that camera might help like iPhone XR didn't allow you to use portrait mode on anything else except humans and it was purely software

  4. Pro developers who already got hand on their OP8 pro oneplus cant do anything now even if they try to "remove" this feature with software updates…as long as the hardware is their we can make it work…! No going back now

  5. cant blame oneplus. we live in cancel culture world. and people freak out about everything. I feel bad for oneplus cause this 'filter' was actually awesome

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