[Video] The All-AORUS PC Build!

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[Video] The All-AORUS PC Build! 1
[Video] The All-AORUS PC Build! 2
[Video] The All-AORUS PC Build! 3
[Video] The All-AORUS PC Build! 4
[Video] The All-AORUS PC Build! 5

50 Comments on “[Video] The All-AORUS PC Build!”

  1. Am I the only one that got triggered when Linus wanted to rotate the info on CPU block and that option wasn't present in the software. I mean c'mon it is a fucking screen why you cannot rotate it

  2. I have the AX-370 K5 Aorus Motherboard, but I'm not that happy about it…
    I should have gotten the 5, or K7 or 7 or something.
    But their advertising, specifications, features and shit looked the same for all of them and I just went for the cheap one…
    I didn't get the SLI Bridge and I can't buy it from anywhere. So it's bad…

  3. Those vanity dummy RAM sticks.

    They bring back nightmares of being unable to find the blank RAMBUS fill-ins because some numpty tossed them out because they had no chips and "must be worthless".

  4. 34:34 Big oof.

    Never suspend anything by its cable. Particularly when it's got a heavy weight on the end of that cable and the cables in question are, in this case, tiny little ones that clearly ain't designed for taking any weight at all.

    It's the perfect way to stress / damage / pull out the cables to give yourself a nasty loose connection.

    I mean, I can see why, for speed and simplicity to do the build, when it's just Linus like this – and everyone else has to stand at least 2 metres / 6 feet away and all that, in the current climate, and you don't want anyone blocking the camera's view because you're streaming it – but, as a general rule, don't do this.

  5. Hello Linus,
    My name is Aditya I'm from India. I wanted a pc to game on it cuse I want to make a gaming channel on YouTube but my dad bought me a Dell Vostro 3471 office desktop. I'm watching you're video's from past 3-4 years. I know how to upgrade a pc but I don't know how to upgrade a office desktop. Can you make a video about it using Dell Vostro 3471 office desktop. It will help me a lot.

  6. You are worried about being branded a sellout, yet people have been buying, whatever it is that you sell, for free for literally ages now. Don't worry mate, everybody at my work-place, who posses a sparkle of tech savy, really loves your show. If you were an orphan, i would addopt you…. Or I would get in the line, and wait for my chance. Linus, you are truely awsome, thank you for improving my life.
    … did I forget to mention, that I love your channel ?

  7. I literally installed the 360 version of the Aorus cooler 2 days ago and I had the same struggle trying to figure out why I needed two different pieces of software for my AIO

  8. "I can never remember what makes it male and female?"

    Seriously? Male connectors stick out with a protrusion – a "penis", if you will – and female connectors have a hole in which to accept the protrusion – a "vagina", so to speak.

    Seeing as you have multiple children, Linus, I didn't believe you'd require the "when a daddy connector loves a mommy connector…" talk on this one, but okay.

  9. Well if you need to send this build somewhere let me know 😉 would love a pc like that.

    Currently only running a Ryzen 1500x, 16gb Corsair Vengeance LPX, ASUS ROG strix 1060 6gb

  10. no offense to your viewer blah-blah, but I don't have money, and I have a decade old Asus RoG laptop that I painstakingly kept from dieing; from complete liquid damage, to absolute physical damage… WHY CAN'T YOU DO A STORY WITH THIS??

  11. That aio is horrible. :s Fandesign limits how you can set it up, thats really bad. Only push or go buy another set of fans… great. Other manufacturers create built in lcds and pump combos too, with much slimmer design, so gigabyte's is kinda too bulky. GG gigabyte…. not. PSU intake is a possibility facing downwards because the venting holes, psu design goes upside down if you put it in the case like that…. why? Why cant they use logic and set the design upright?

  12. I cannot BELIEVE those expansion brackets are designed like that where they need be mangled and pried off like that. I haven't seen a case designed that way since…. geez, like the late 90s?

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