[Video] The Future of TVs is NOT What You Think!

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[Video] The Future of TVs is NOT What You Think! 1
[Video] The Future of TVs is NOT What You Think! 2
[Video] The Future of TVs is NOT What You Think! 3
[Video] The Future of TVs is NOT What You Think! 4
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40 Comments on “[Video] The Future of TVs is NOT What You Think!”

  1. I can almost guarantee in 5 years when they come out I'll still be using my Samsung Curved, 1080p, 60hz monitor because it still works and looks good enough for me. Maybe.

  2. I hope new android phones will have a bigger scale for screen brightness. In the dark the lowest setting is too bright and in the sun the highest setting is not high enough.

  3. Linus' content has been 10000000000000x better since he got the beard for some reason. I can actually stand listening to this guy now. It's like the beard took out all his annoying energy..

  4. i bought a samsung Q8FN last year, the TV is pretty amazing. Not sure how much more improvement could be had to substantiate a 5 grand or move price tag if you have a relatively new OLED or QLED tv

  5. So that last one sounds like it has uneven wear of the different colors as well. That = BURN IN (Uneven wear)..
    That shit has got to stop. Micro-LED doesn't have that.. They can last 50,000 hours and then just die and won't cause different brightness (uneven wear, aka Burn-in)..

  6. It's important to know Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display are their own companies within "Samsung".. Samsung electronics makes the TVs and they will still use LCD but not buy it from Samsung Display.. Complicated stuff..
    Also "OLED" can never be the only technology. It will forever have "uneven wear" in the Organic Cells. Not a good thing..
    There is QNED technology as well..

    Micro-LED was never "LCD" anyway.. It would have been a board with millions of proper LEDs shining on or off their light filtering through a quantum dot color filter.
    It is still a thing, but long ways away.

  7. But if the QDots can produce all colour frequencies by changing the size, why still use RGB? Why not also have pixels of True yellow or true teal? Would we be able to tell? Or are they concentrating on the specific frequencies that our eyes pick up? Will we have a revolution of analogue vs digital colours, like vinyl vs CD.

  8. OLED's already miles ahead in terms of viewing angles compared to basically anything else out there. For me personally it doesn't exactly need improvement in that aspect, nor color correctness. Fix the concept of burn-in and we'll be talking. Perhaps have an optional glare-filter for brighter rooms and I'm buying.

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