[Video] The World's Most Powerful Smartphone…

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  1. Good day sir, I am an unbox therapy avid fan since one of my friend told me last year I think about what your content is. So I decided to check it out and I was impressed of almost the contents and reviews.

    I am your fan from Philippines sir and trying to watch all of your single videos uploaded on youtube. I also followed you to all your social media accounts.

    I am about to told you sir that I deserve to have any smartphone you unboxed, it's up on you sir. You decide. It is because I can't afford to buy one for my own self. I am just using my father's phone for years.

    I wish you can give a smartphone that could fit with my everyday use. Especially, for study, gaming, surfing the internet, photography and to all stuff that matters.

    I am hoping that this would reach to you sir. And hoping too that you will grant my wish.

    Proud Pinoy here
    Proud Unbox Therapy fan here

    Thank you so much in advnace sir. God bless.

    Ps. Please excuse my english grammar.

  2. It's a good effort but I don't understand how the buttons on the controller will be used whilst your using the controller stick. The buttons need to be on a separate attachment on the right surely?

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