[Video] This is a GAMING PC!?!?!

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  1. We have these computers at my high school, and I think Linus could help make gaming become a curriculum if he upgrades every computer πŸ˜›

  2. dude, someone playing with that pc doesn't have a 1080p monitor, they have a 720p 14'' monitor, 900p max
    trust me, I've been there
    it's dumb to play on that pc on 1080p cause people that have those PCs don't really have anywhay to play in 1080p

  3. I built a 3770 and gtx 980 pc for my gf about ,3 years ago and it's still running games just right. Very good value for you money. All in all Β£400 not bad

  4. I would question the validity of his claims. Even an I7 2600 quad core, 16gb ram with roughly the same vga card doesn't run those particular games that well. Not even half that speed in fact. I tried with a gtx 1060 and it couldn't even run Green Hell at the 800×600 all low settings.

  5. You guys should review these fans made by a company called arctic, available on amazon. They claim to be a budget ultra-low noise fan and even make comparisons to noctua and the reviews seem to back that up. Ofc qc won't be as tight but it's a 1/4 of the price. Seems worth checking out.

  6. I'm going to upgrade my parents pc by putting a 580 or 680 in, and upgrading to 16gb ddr3, they have 2 2gb and one 4 gig stick. They also had no thermal paste on their cpu when I went to replace the stuff

  7. shitty pc for linus, 8gb ram, i7 3770 and a gt 640, that's a hell of a good setup for the old pc your grandma has.
    I can asure you that I've used much much shittier setups

    2 years ago I bought my new pc, before that I had an i5 1ΒΊ gen, 4gb ram and no grafics card, this was in 2018, this is much shittier than what you show there, I could run LOL at 30 fps on minimum settings, had to use a 1×1 texture pack for minecraft, on 2 chunks render distance, THAT'S a bad setup

    My cousin loves to play fortnite, and he still uses a pc similar to this one i just mentioned, and he has a 800×600 LCD monitor. Thats a bad setup

    Linus is such a first world spoiled brat

    Not a hate comment btw, just want to tell you that this really isn't a bad gaming pc

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