[Video] This Keyboard Will Make You Spin…

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  2. strange…strange that you are reviewing an old product? haha i've been using this Logitech Craft since late 2018..its a solid keyboard…bit pricey though.

    This crown has quite literally changed my professional life. The stock shortcut options are great, but your life opens up even more when you break it down to Program-based shortcuts…not enough? pair the crown shortcuts with Automator and Applescript programs and damn, yep that's where i'm at.

  3. I seen this keyboard on staples the other day while looking for slim keyboards. I got the little cousin of it cause I didn’t see the need for it. But it seemed really cool!

  4. The keyboard is trash for the price. Cuts out every now and then, many profiles do not work anymore because nobody at Logitech cares about updating and the battery with backlight is only a few days. Also it flexes a fair bit. The type-feel is great tho…

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