[Video] Top 13 BEST Smartphones of 2020 (Mid Year).

You’ve heard about the iPhone SE (2020), Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Ultra, LG Velvet, Huawei P40…

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  1. My phone is Β£180 lol I would spend alot less if I wanted too I only use my phone for calling and YouTube that's about it don't get why people spend Β£1000 on a phone would rather buy another powerful PC

  2. if i intent to buy a google pixel 4 right after the lockdown is lifted from my country.
    what meant to say is how can we experience the never updated software after 7 months? is that a practical to recommend?

  3. Hi.. I love your videos.. I watched ur video on oppo Reno 3.. I was very much impressed by it.. please help me choose between oppo Reno 3 pro & one plus 7t.
    I am mainly looking for good overall camera…

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