[Video] Top Tier Features, Mid Tier Price?? – Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Showcase

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50 Comments on “[Video] Top Tier Features, Mid Tier Price?? – Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Showcase”

  1. Great another round dim display watch that cuts off the corner on pretty much everything. Just because Apple makes a rectangle watch doesn't mean they own the pattern. Get ready to have Facebook market flooded with these watches 4 months after people buy them.

  2. I went to micro center for the first time and bought a cooling fan (248880 ALPHA ONE 70X70X10mm 12v dc fan) for 7.99. It was for my dads Toshiba Satellite l655-s5150 model PSK2CU-0K101S. Cause i tuck the fan out, witch i wish i did not do.

  3. Watch faces are typically made of sapphire crystal as they're most likely to be hit or damaged. Gorilla glass is not a suitable replacement. This is most likely going to smash or get scratched

  4. Just wanted to let Mobvoi know that you just lost a sale from this customer who happens to live outside of the USA at the moment.
    Your website address section (during checkout process) has a country field. Clicking on it results in on 1 option United States of America.
    Your marketing department work hard to get the word out there, and give out promotional codes and then you block customers from buying.
    Absolutely Genius system!
    But hey, at least you got me to sign up to your website.

  5. I have the Ticwatch Pro.
    It's a horrible smart watch.
    Extremely slow. To the point that it's unusable.
    By the time the main menu opens, or something to interact with, lets say your alarm, the screen would time out making you redo it all over again sometimes 3 or 4 times.
    I will not buy another or endorse any of their products to future buyers.
    Edit: Oh and the charger didn't last a year. I had to open it up and bypass the circuitry in order to charge the watch. Around a couple of months after that the springs within the 4 pins of the charger gave out, now I use a clamp to apply enough pressure for the pins to connect to the watch.

  6. I still don't get the point of a smartwatch, they aren't good enough to replace your phone, which already tells time anyways.

    I think what we are looking for is a wrist phone…

  7. Glad your finally talking about their TicWatch! But pretty disappointed that this video is sponsored by them…

    I have the TicWatch 2 for the last 5 years (before they were Android Wear compatible) and it's still working like a charm! For a reasonable price at the time! (And I'm not sponsored by any means lol)

    Edit : I even have the Ticpods (from their Indigogo back at the time, and it's still great either for the last 2 years or so)

  8. this needs to be said cuz its not said enough….
    smart watches are not REALLY watches, theyre a consumer product with short life span. they should not have the right to be called watches. theyre wrist wearables.
    real watches cost money, are servicable and are quartz or mechanical (seiko , citizen, orient, tissot, hamilton, etc etc etc)

  9. This is one of the few Android Wear watches that actually looks viable as an everyday option. As an Apple Watch user, it's good to see Android wearables are improving, because I really want to see some good competition for once.

  10. DO NOT BUY ANY Mobvoi products although there products tend to be more affordable compared to others but there customer service is horrible they will quickly answer you and tell you to send them back the product then proceed to ghost you for months until you annoy them by continuing contacting them asking where your product is and when they finally respond they will wait more to send it back or a replacement but not only that they will send you the wrong product so that the whole process will start all over again and I'm talking from personal experience

  11. watches are the one thing that doesn't need to be stuffed with electronics.
    their use in tracking yourself during workout is definitely there but other than that, i much prefer a real mechanical timepiece.

  12. Glad the beard is gone, try keeping at about 2 day stubble for awhile. About the watch, it looks great, had good features and the always on display is nice but the 2 day battery is a no sale for me. I have Garmin D2 Bravo Titanium and Fenix 5x Sapphire and both have 10 days of use as long as you are not using follow me mode, then it drops to about 28 hr. or on the Fenix 5x not using the Ox sensor all day. They are by far the best smart watch I have ever looked at, I just wish they did cellular calls.

  13. I can get 3 full days out of my Galaxy Watch Active 2. If I charge it when I hop in the shower, I can get over a week without having to fully recharge it.

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