[Video] Watch Out, Losers! AMD is Making Video Cards for PHONES – WAN Show May 1, 2020

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[Video] Watch Out, Losers! AMD is Making Video Cards for PHONES - WAN Show May 1, 2020 1
[Video] Watch Out, Losers! AMD is Making Video Cards for PHONES - WAN Show May 1, 2020 2
[Video] Watch Out, Losers! AMD is Making Video Cards for PHONES - WAN Show May 1, 2020 3
[Video] Watch Out, Losers! AMD is Making Video Cards for PHONES - WAN Show May 1, 2020 4
[Video] Watch Out, Losers! AMD is Making Video Cards for PHONES - WAN Show May 1, 2020 5

42 Comments on “[Video] Watch Out, Losers! AMD is Making Video Cards for PHONES – WAN Show May 1, 2020”

  1. 00:38 Topics/intro/goodoltimesrambling
    11:45 Linus' joystick sounds like leather
    15:55 Intro
    16:37 Samsung's new SoC with AMD GPU
    29:52 Assassin's Creed Valhalla single purchase same brand cross console play
    44:10 mechanicalkeyboards.com (sponsor) use code LTT
    44:52 ridge.com/linus (sponsor) use code LINUS for 10% off
    45:40 lmg.gg/piawan Private Internet Access (sponsor)
    46:12 Quick question: Linus, have you ever p* games when you were younger?
    57:31 Intel launches 10th gen desktop CPUs
    1:01:35 UPS blowing up story update
    1:02:38 Intel's 10nm profitability
    1:07:40 Superchats
    1:09:00 LMG's hiring!
    1:10:20 Superchats

  2. i was JUST talking to my friend about the lost art of graphics packaging! I for the life of me cannot remember what card it was that my dad bought our "monster" computer back in 2000-2002 ish but the art on the box is forever ingrained in my brain. If anyone knows of a card that had a huuuuge graphic of a screaming female warrior face on the box, PLEASE CONTACT ME, cuz my quarantined brain will not let it go…

  3. 11:07 holy shit, I remember mixed up mother goose. I haven't thought about that game in YEARS, but I remember loving the shit out of it as a little kid, and then tolerating it when I had to play it later with my little brother…

  4. I felt bad for a second, that I watch LTT with ad block on YT. But then I rembered, that I have a floatplane subscription since beta 😀

  5. Luke <3
    I also boycott Amazon and other global giants.
    They kill our European cities.
    I buy either local (you still get a lot of things offline in the city)
    Or directly from sellers (books from their publishers etc.)

    They are treated so unfair by Amazon ! Pushed down by the Plattform so Amazon can sell its own product 2 cents cheaper or even more expensive than them just by pushing them down in their search engine.

    I hate this treatment and want to help people that are like you and me not some ahole soziopathic company.

    If enough people do it like you we can really have an impact 🙂

  6. 00:38 Topics/intro/goodoltimesrambling : I had an AD&D game called Dark Sun that I could never get to run because it required more ram than could be loaded for DOS. It required 640k of active memory, and with everything paired down to the minimum required to run DOS it got us to 612 or something ridiculously close. To this day, I recall that entire frustrating escapade 30 years later.

  7. We should also only have to buy a game once and be able to use it on any platform we see fit at any time. For instance if we buy a pc version of something we should also get the ps4 version (digitally). The only reason we don't (other than the fact that we have basically no consumer rights in the usa) is because every console/pc launcher owner feels they are entitled to a large % of the sales for some unknown reason. The only exception being Microsoft where some games are cross Xbox/pc.

  8. 10nm has cost Intel so much time and money that was invested into R&D, it's not really any surprise that they're not forecasting it to be very profitable. From what they're saying here, it also sounds like it possibly won't have great yields or be all that much more efficient than previous nodes either. I guess they gotta release some chips that use it in order to try to recoup some of the costs of developing it. I almost feel sorry for them, it's been a major impediment to their technological progress for most of this past decade. That and their own noncompetitive business model from before AMD made a comeback of course.

  9. 33:35 I actually disagree with this.

    If you buy a movie on VHS… you shouldn't just get it for free on DVD… then in 10 years get another free copy on Blue Ray and after 5 years get a free digital copy.
    Some of those formats have specific licenses for the encoding they use and sometimes use a different the medium which could also effect the price. Similar to remastered games, while the game might be similar, they may use a different framework or software stack which could have different fee related to it.

    > This works the other way around… For example, when Warcraft reforged released, it wasn't the same thing as the original… While it was a horrible product… it was still a different one. However what really got me with that is those who downloaded it had their original warcraft III game removed. Now blizzard is honestly one of the shittiest game companies with all their crazy bs they've pulled over the years… but they still do have a right in to release a reforged or remastered version and sell it without giving it to people who owned the original. Just like blizzard, movie companies should be able to do this as well.

    The part where I might agree, is if you bought a digital copy and in 3 months they release a remastered 8k version for the same price. I totally agree you should be able to get the newer version. However, outside of 3 months or maybe even a year might be alright… but after that, you still have the item you paid for… a remastered version is a different item. While the general content is the same… people still put time into remastering it, turning it into a new product.

    The last possible part I may agree with would be if you bought a DVD, and you want a digital version of that same DVD. You should be able to get it, this acts as basically a backup copy. However… this doesn't mean I think you should just get a remasted 4k version of it… Since that isn't what you bought… but a digital version of the same thing, as the original quality is something I could get behind.

  10. I purchased the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS, then remastered VHS, then Special Edition VHS and then again on DVD… I will NEVER purchase them again… and any of the sequels will only ever be purchased once. If they get released/remastered again… I'll grab them online… guilt free. I refuse to pay for a license, I will only buy a physical product I can hold in my hands.

  11. 40:18 yes it was, it was ported by Eidos in 1998. It improved the character models with more detailed models but didn't improve the per-rendered backgrounds.

    Final Fantasy VIII's PC release in 2000 was subpar with blurry backgrounds, poor controls, and worse visuals and sounds then the PS1 original. It was the PC port that Squeeeenix used to remaster the game, because they lost the original Playstation Version's code and why the FFVIII Remaster was so bad. The PC port still to this day doesn't support analog controls from last I heard.

  12. If you have a 4790k
    2400mhz cas 11 ram
    and a z97 board
    slap a decent graphics card in it and dont worry about these amd/intel releases for another EASY 4 years.

  13. 52:00 I just wanted to say that I've watched you guys for about half a decade now, literally, and I've not once had the chance to buy your awesome merch. I really want to support you guys on Floatplane. It is just not possible right now, especially considering the economy we are in. I lost my job, at least temp, due to corona. Alas that doesn't account for all these years. I wish I could turn adblock off for your specific videos, but I can't stand ads at all. Truly hate them, and I'm a marketer.

    I realize that you still appreciate the people like me, but I just wanted to tell you why. I've never had that much money in my life, barely being paycheck to paycheck. That will change in the future, and perhaps I can buy merch or invest in your companies, or something. No matter what I try to like all your videos, I subscribed to all your channels, and I would collaborate instantly if needed/wanted.

    I wish you guys the best of luck! <3

  14. there was FF7 the old one for pc too, in a video/game rental shop, close to where i live it had for pc, both the ff7 and ff8 it was like 10ish years at last i don't remember the year, the ff8 was missing a disk sadly.

  15. I notice the zipper. I hate it. But the jacket itself is great so I let it slide. I have considered ripping it off eventually and replacing it though.

  16. The big problem with your idea of "supporting" and movie/tv show/game by buying merchandise is residuals. Buying merch supports the rights holder of the movie/show/game but doesn't support the creators/writers/actors/coders as purchasing the title would (possibly).

  17. You wouldn’t feel good if I bought some of your absurd Lee expensive Murch on your Murch store and then decided well I deserve to be able to hack floatplane And enjoy any of the content that you make that you have behind a pay wall because hey, I spent 30 whatever dollars on a water bottle so you owe me this. I’m fairly sure you would think that my buying the water bottle entitles me to said water bottle, that’s it

  18. Final Fantasy 7 was available on PC, came in one of those trapazoid Eidos boxes like Thief the dark project came in. it has 1 install disc 3 data discs, I still have my discs no idea what happened to the box.

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