[Video] We made the SLOWEST BRAND NEW PC!

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[Video] We made the SLOWEST BRAND NEW PC! 1
[Video] We made the SLOWEST BRAND NEW PC! 2
[Video] We made the SLOWEST BRAND NEW PC! 3
[Video] We made the SLOWEST BRAND NEW PC! 4
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46 Comments on “[Video] We made the SLOWEST BRAND NEW PC!”

  1. yeah i really wonder who even buys these parts or even prebuilts this slow. you have to be absolutely clueless to not realize you can have a much better value for less. literally any Sandy Bridge buisness tower you can grab for next to nothing would smoke this, and if it has a 320W psu just throw in a decent board powered card like a gtx1050 or rx560 and you can play most any game at some level. and there are cheap adapters to put in a better psu too if you want more card.

  2. Nothing wrong with that MB:
    the max version of that MSA a320m a-pro mb supports nvme.. and supports ryzen 3600 out of the box. im getting +90% bench "across the board" (heh) with a RTX2060.. for 50$ i was able to upgrade from a GTX1660 with my 800 corona budget. MB perfect for my sfx 1080p build.

  3. that graphics card is most likely used for multiple display support if the motherboard cant provide or if the cpu is not apu, its the cheapest option to get your workstation (not gaming pc) supporting multiple displays

  4. My pc was £377, so name a game and i can probs run it low at 1080p! it was also brand new: Ryzen 2400G, 8GB ddr4 corsair vengeance 2665mhz ram with all other usual stuff plus a 240GB ssd

  5. I'm actually using a GT210 with my Ryzen 7 1700 because I just sold my monitor and bought another one, but until it arrives, the only old-ass monitor I've got here has got only VGA and DVI (and I don't have any adapter for my Vega 56 xD).

    I actually OC'd it and it plays Black Ops 2 (800×600, minimum) in a somewhat playable framerate lol.

  6. I have a 2019 iMac with an i5 8600, 8 GB Ram and the Radeon Pro 575X Pro GPU. Runs the computer at 5k res and I can play all Halo, GTA 5, Forza Horizon 4 and Mudrunner.

  7. I understand that you were trying to prove a point but intentioanally cripling the system with one stick of ram and a gt 210 give the athlon 3000g a bad name which is unfair.

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