[Video] WHY do I pay Adobe $10K a YEAR!?

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  1. This is why these companies like Adobe and the (SaaS model) stay on top is because while everyone would like to move away from them, you feel like you can't stop because everyone else is still using them. I abandoned Adobe a while ago, with tools like Resolve, Motion, FCP, and the Affinity suite, though I'm still looking for a good Lightroom replacement. I personally will not support the renting your software model, but I am afraid it will be a losing battle.

  2. I torrented Adobes suit of apps a few years ago right after they made it subscription based, and everything worked flawlessly without being connected to the internet.

    Other than the obvious fact that it's illegal, is there any way for you to be caught using pirated software, even for business purposes? I don't see how they (Adobe) would have any way to find out if you were using a illegal copy, for all they know you're just using a different companies software.

  3. Legally speaking software is a product, not a service, and cannot legally be treated as such.
    The whole SaaS model is fraud, it's just a shame that those supposed to uphold the law are so far behind on everything that they don't see it.

  4. This is also interesting in mechanical engineering – many benefits of Solidworks and AutoCAD – they are just software packages that are stable and widely used.

    I also know something like that in the audio area – there it is with ProTools – most of them know ProTools -> that means many studios use it.

    Fact is – some software (also for hardware/tools*) are simply "standard" – and this is partly also really due to the companies.

    *Flex is also a good example -> many people in the German-speaking world say "Flex" to the angle grinder.

    Or -> "google" if you search the internet – the same applies -> "Photoshoped" this picture.

  5. Adobe is so cheap for what you get as a professional. I've made my living off their software for the last 10 years and can't say I've had a problem with the subscription model or buying the packages separately before the subscription. You can always add it to your business expenses.

  6. Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve has free training across the country through Blackmagic Collective. And their new atem Switcher is super sick. I'm still paying for Adobe but I use DaVinci for my video editing now

  7. I fucking HATE subscription based license, and I will never ACCEPT them! Example I wanted to learn Photoshop, but then found out again that CANCEROUS subscription model, and I instantly was like gtfo, I don't care then at all.

  8. I think the key thing for hobbyists and people on a budget is that you don't NEED to spend a fuckton of money on stuff like the Adobe suite or other expensive apps. They're REALLY only worth it if you have a high output of videos, and you really know what you're doing. Apps like that would be useless to me, because I have no idea what half the features even do, let alone how to use them. I like to edit videos I shoot for fun. For me, something FREE like Shotcut works just fine. There's literally no point shelling out tons of cash on an app with a ton of features you don't even know how to use unless you're being trained to use them properly. Same reason I used Vimm for coding for many years. I could have paid for and used Visual Studio or something, but it has a bunch of extraneous features that I didn't know how to use at the time. It would have been a waste of money back then, when all I wanted to do was write code and compile it. I would say invest in the more advanced tools when you actually have the knowledge to make use of them. Otherwise you're just wasting your money.

  9. I really appreciate videos like this. I love seeing behind the scenes of places. It really opens my eyes some of the jobs that people have out there. I did not realize realize how complicated Youtube content production is. Thanks guys!

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