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  1. Yeah, it's weird, I have this problem too, I want AMD to win, kill Intel, but for some reason I feel like I will never buy an AMD and always go Intel even though i want them dead….weird..

  2. I understand about intel employees getting bashed and they don't deserve to, no one does. But the thing is, they were there when intel marketing was doing shady marketing strategies against AMD and posting misleading benchmark results. At that point in time, they represent intel and they know that so the fact they're getting bashed now shouldnt be a surprise to them and wait until intel becomes the new underdog if that ever happens.

  3. Well … It's a no from me. Recently a friend of mine reached out for help to me, bought a new PC, i5 9th gen, and his RJ45 LAN connections just kept connecting and disconnecting. Yeah, the Mobo was from MSI… and the LAN chip on it was from Intel, what surpised me a bit bcs I expected Realtek, Broadcom, etc… But this one was intel … and after 3 different drivers (box, msi web, Intel web) and a BIOS update, quirking in Win settings … no succes, the chip just does not want to do its job … Intel who entered the networking business … failed on its very first test and now I'm gonna be looking who is providing the networking capabilities on MOBOs I buy and recommend 😛

  4. I am not sure what are the issues there, when all the software was only made for these scenarios for the Intel. And that is why Intel has such pool of workers in the first place now in 2020. The best workers can go to Nuvia or AMD if they have better job options and conditions to work and make them useful again xD lol To do the same thing they did on Intel. I do not see any big deal there to be sorry for anyone. The leading board should be punished, and hey at the end, small honest ppl always lose the most. Fk CEOs and greedy ppl that led to this will still be filthy rich and filthy bad. So no excuses. Everyone for himself. Go from Intel all smart ppl if you need to or feel frustrated, now you will have the better options and make the stronger hardware works better! Like you did before. DO not fear of threats and stupidity of one stupid corporation that is using their history to show or prove something that is history, and it is history ONLY because of the greed nothing more.
    P.S. After Pentium D the best era of Intel CPUs come. So they need a kick in the b**t before they react. So kick them hard, and of the consumers will have benefits.

  5. linus, you are a noob, e.g. thats why you can't recommend good AMD boards or buy one yourself (ASRock sucks btw).
    yeah, watching GamersNexus/AHOC mobo reviews/recommendations is boring, its easier to build overpriced intel PC.
    I get it, you can't spend time learning about PC components because you have to run LTT, but stop talking about stuff you just don't know nothing about, like @ 10:30 . who cares that you, a noob, would recommend intel to a noob.

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