Free 4 months of YouTube Premium with Selected Samsung Galaxy Device

Free YouTube Premium Promotion-Samsung-Galaxy Z Flip

YouTube allows us to enjoy entertainment at any time of the day, anywhere we want. But it gets better now! When purchasing selected Samsung Galaxy device, new users will be offered up to 4 months of YouTube Premium for free! What’s the benefit of YouTube Premium, you may ask? We’ll give you four:

1. Videos are completely ad-free
Many Malaysians spend hours binging on YouTube content, but would often be unnerved and interrupted by the occasional mid-video ad. Imagine how much more you’d enjoy a video, with the peace of mind that no ad will jump at you out of nowhere!

2. Save videos for offline usage
To anyone who doesn’t have an unlimited data plan – your solution is here. With YouTube Premium, you can download and save videos at up to 1080p resolution for your consumption at a later time. Stuck on the train on a 1-hour commute back home? Got 30 minutes to spare till your next class? Just pull up your library of downloaded videos and enjoy!

3. You get YouTube Music Premium too
Apart from being known as the go-to video-creating platform, YouTube is a host to a massive library of great music too! Consumers who purchase a new Galaxy device will also receive YouTube Music Premium, allowing you to customize your playlists and listen to millions of songs uninterrupted by ads.

4. Flip between apps without any disruption
Sometimes, you may only want to listen to the audio of the video while browsing through another app. You might be listening to a podcast or some music, for example. With YouTube Premium, you can freely play your mobile games, browse through social media, read the news, or even switch your screen off while the video continues playing in the background uninterrupted!

YouTube Premium comes free for 4 months with the purchase of a new Samsung Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Tab S6 Lite; and 2 months free with the purchase of a new Galaxy A51 and all other devices purchased and activated from 14 February 2020 until 5 March 2021.

Get your new Samsung Galaxy device and start enjoying exclusive, uninterrupted YouTube content today!

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This article is written by Samsung Malaysia.

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