Unifi 30Mbps at RM39 is actually RM89/month, targeted to non Customers

A “cheap” Unifi 30Mbps fibre broadband at RM39/month is currently viral right now, but its not exactly RM39/month. It is still the same RM89/month plan with just 30Mbps speed.

First posted on Pokde, the 30Mbps plan is said to be going for RM39/month, 100Mbps at RM79/month and 300Mbps at RM149/month. It has been said that the deals are only being offered to selected customers, ex-TM customers.


To make things even worst, Soyacincau, a website that is owned by a Telekom Malaysia employee, have failed to report the truth behind it, further misleading consumers to believe in their reporting.

Here’s the truth, the offer is targeted to selected non-TM customers who are broadband users under contract, specifically fibre customers of Maxis, Celcom and TIME dotCom who needs to pay a penalty fee of RM500 if they terminate their broadband service. TM is basically absorbing the penalty fee up to RM500 (you have to pay the penalty first) and rebating these customers at RM50/month up to 10 months (total RM500). This translates into RM39/month for the Unifi 30Mbps plan once a RM50 rebate is given.

And here’s a statement from TM, although this wasn’t sent to me:

This current offer is not a new plan. Instead, it is an offer based on unifi’s existing plans and is designed to allow non-unifi subscribers the freedom to switch their service providers, worry-free.

To ease the process of coming onboard, unifi, for a limited time only, will convert the termination fee that would have had to be paid by new unifi subscribers into savings in their monthly subscription fee.

Customers who are not subject to a penalty will pay the usual subscription fee, i.e., RM89 per month for our most affordable plan.

For people who are interested in trying out fibre broadband for the very first time, unifi encourages them to take advantage of the 30-day FREE trial – an existing campaign that helps people experience the power of fibre broadband before committing to the service.

unifi is continually rolling out offers and solutions that will not only to benefit new subscribers, but also existing customers. The best way to stay updated on the latest promotions from unifi is to follow unifi’s official channels or reach out to unifi’s customer service representatives who are always eager to help.

Did you honestly believe TM was going to reduce its fixed broadband price to below RM50 a month?

The only promo available is the 30-days free trial offer for new customers to try unifi Home broadband plans.

Note: Keep in mind, once you sign up for a new Unifi contract, any fibre or mobile plan, your penalty fee could be way above RM500, up to a maximum few thousand ringgit if you choose to cancel the contract.

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