[Video] 2020 Razer Blade 15 Review

Dave2D review of the new Razer Blade Base and Advanced Models. The new 15″ Blade is the best gaming laptop razer has made to date.

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  1. Please do a review on the new 5600M MacBook!!! It is a beast! The new MBP 16” 5600M can get higher FPS gaming in some titles than a maxed out 2080 max q Razer. Some people don’t know that Apple doesn’t use the same cheap 5600M gpu that dell or others use. Apple has a proprietary SKU that is way way way different with the new HBm2 memory at 8gb and is a beast!!!

  2. I still have my Razer Blad 15 2018 and it is running great. I got the 144Hz with the RTX 1070 MaxQ model at the time for about $2200 at release for college. It still runs most new games at Ultra at a high frame rate. I have had no issues and highly recommend it. I'm sure the 2020 model is even better.

  3. Hello everyone!!! I am trying to find help. Just purchased my Razer Blade 15 and for some reason the internal fans run loud while charging. No overheating though. But the laptop runs normal while on battery mode. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Thoughts on longevity of the display ribbon cable running right over the vapor chamber? Worried about how that would hold up over prolonged thermal stress

  5. Hi @Dave Lee, thank you for the great videos. Quick Q please, do the current 2020 Base models use PWM for OLED brightness control? Looking to get the base model with RTX2070 for the extra storage capability. About US$250 bump in NZ for the OLED 4k compared to IPS FHD, I am quite sensitive to flickering screens. Thanks

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