[Video] $900… for a GAMING HEADSET??

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[Video] $900... for a GAMING HEADSET?? 1
[Video] $900... for a GAMING HEADSET?? 2
[Video] $900... for a GAMING HEADSET?? 3
[Video] $900... for a GAMING HEADSET?? 4
[Video] $900... for a GAMING HEADSET?? 5

20 Comments on “[Video] $900… for a GAMING HEADSET??”

  1. I feel my Sony WH1000XM3 headphones are really good for gaming, lightweight, very good sound, perfect for listening to all types of music, maybe you could do a review on them for gaming 😀

  2. I can't stand over-headphones, My ears hurt enough to throw them away. I rather buy a better in-ear buds from JBL (I use the cheapest T210 at $9.99), than spending $900, on a heavy and warmer over-headphones and hurt my wallet and my ears.

  3. Linus you are not an audio engineer, No duh you dont use the LCD's for daily use, you dont listen to your jams with them, you use them to reference your audio processing. Prosumer

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